#269 – How to Become a Sobriety Warrior with Cammie Wolf Rice


Cammie Wolf-Rice shares her personal story of losing her son to opioid addiction and how it led her to start the Christopher Wolf Foundation. The foundation focuses on preventing opioid addiction and providing support for those struggling with addiction. Cammie discusses the need for mental health support and alternative pain management techniques in hospitals, as well as the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding addiction. She emphasizes the need for education and awareness, especially among parents and young people, to prevent further loss of life.

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“I’m taking my pain and turning it into purpose every single day.”

What do you do when the worst thing in the world happens? Today, I’m joined by Cammie Wolf Rice who lost her son to opiod addiction. He was a gifted student who was prescribed oxycontin for an operation and started a 14 year battle with opiods. After his death Cammie used her pain as power. Learn how she is creating real change so nothing like this happens to another family.

In this episode, Cammie and I talk about:

  • The Christopher Wolf Foundation aims to prevent opioid addiction and provide support for those struggling with addiction.
  • There is a need for mental health support and alternative pain management techniques in hospitals to prevent addiction.
  • Breaking the stigma surrounding addiction is crucial in order to provide support and understanding to those affected.
  • Education and awareness are key in preventing further loss of life due to opioid addiction.

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