#253 – The Sober Sexpert Cindi Roberts


Veronica interviews THE Sober Sexpert about women, sexuality, and sobriety. What are the ‘hot topics’ for women when they get sober?

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about this episode

“Our first intimate relationship is with ourselves. ” – Cindi Roberts

Age and life experiences have a big impact on the challenges women face in sobriety and sexual health. Many women I know (including myself) had their first sexual experiences under the influence, marking the start of a complicated relationship between alcohol and intimacy.

In today’s conversation, I’m joined by Cindi Roberts, M.Ed., a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) who supports women who want to focus on finding and recovering intimate connections to self and others. From body image issues to navigating desire, our frank discussion sheds light on the importance of self-exploration and communication and the intersection of sobriety and sexuality.

Often referred to as the SoberSexpert™, Cindi holds a Master’s degree in Sexual Health Education and is currently studying to be a Clinical Sexologist. She has over 25 years of professional experience as a sexual health and wellness educator. Being in recovery from alcohol use disorder for over 7 years, she knows first-hand the intimacy issues that can arise for women in recovery. Cindi is passionate about helping women discover tools and develop inner strength and confidence to navigate intimate relationships. She is known for her compassion, candidness, and authenticity when holding space for an honest dialogue about a variety of sensitive subjects. Cindi lives in Colorado, where she focuses on coaching, teaching, and speaking about topics including recovery, sobriety, sexual wellness, and intimacy.

In this episode, Cindi and I talk about:

  • Cindy’s journey into sexual health, including her initial interest, education, and experience in the field
  • How alcohol impacts women’s sexual behavior
  • Self-blame and shame in navigating sexual health in recovery
  • Navigating the fear of having sex sober
  • Common struggles experienced by women in early sobriety
  • The importance of communication and self-exploration
  • Differences in approaching dating and sexuality in sobriety for younger and older women
  • Fears and challenges faced by older women re-entering the dating pool in sobriety
  • Addressing hormonal issues
  • The pressure to drink in social settings
  • How sobriety impacts sexual orientation and the liberation experienced by some women in sobriety
  • Body image, sexual desire, and the need for open conversations
  • How aging affects women’s sex drive
  • Why we need to encourage open and non-judgmental communication about sexual health with our children
  • Defining pornography and experiences with exposure to sexual content
  • The important difference between pornography and erotica
  • Selfishness in sexual relationships and the importance of intimacy in recovery
  • Recognizing the significance of intimacy over the physical aspects of sexual relationships in recovery

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