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Finding Sobriety Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

For people in recovery, people who are sober, and people who are questioning their relationship to alcohol, finding a source of support is paramount. Sobriety and recovery communities rely on support groups for connection. When things get hard, a smile, a hug, or a pat on the back can be grounding and provide a sense of relief. It helps us feel we’re not so alone. And if isolation is the antithesis of recovery, then connection is the foundation. Keep reading.

Home Podcast: Episode 101: Veronica Valli and AA

This week, the girls talk to Veronica Valli, author, therapist and recovery coach. The interview was sparked by a comment Veronica left on Holly’s Facebook page in response to her article Why We Need to do Away with Ego-Deflation and Humility in Women’s Recovery and the girls talk about that comment and everything behind it, including Veronica’s history with AA, how she views feminism, humility and her recovery from co-dependence.

Grace and Grit Podcast: 170: Why You Drink and How To Stop w/ Veronica Valli

Courtney Townley of the Grace and Grit podcast talks with Veronica about "something our culture has really normalized to the point that it is nearly impossible to escape, which is, the consumption of ALCOHOL." View show notes.

The Shair Podcast: "Why You Drink and How to Stop" with Veronica Valli

"On today’s episode of The SHAIR Podcast, we have Veronica Valli joining us.  The Sober Girl Telling the World Recovery Rocks, and the author of Why You Drink and How to Stop: Journey to Freedom." Listen now.

Harder to Kill: The Great Big Sober Secret with Veronica Valli

"Popular culture has made us believe that in order to get to the land of self-acceptance, fun, freedom, and adventure, we need alcohol. Veronica Valli realized that this could not be further from the truth after she stopped drinking at the age of 27, and has since set out to share benefits of sobriety with others." Listen now.

On 'Awakening Divine Wildness' with Mal Duane

"Veronica Valli is a psychotherapist, recovery coach and Emotional Freedom Practitioner. She is the author of 'Why you drink and How to stop,' and 'Get Sober Get Free.' As the co-host of the Soberful Podcast, she explores issues relating to recovery, getting sober and living an alcohol-free life." Listen now.

Sobersoul Recovery Workshop: Emotional Freedom Technique with Veronica Valli


"In this expert workshop, Veronica Valli from and  is talking all about her personal story of overcoming years of significant anxiety, unhealthy coping and continued anxiety and beyond sobriety. Veronica is a wealth of information!" Listen now.

Karina Talks Too Much: About Living a 'Soberful' Life with Veronica Valli

"A registered Psychotherapist based out of the East Coast of USA and specializing in coaching people through sobriety. Her education and training are extensive and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about creating a ‘soberful’ life." Listen now.

The Sobriety Collective

"I had the unique pleasure and privilege of meeting (nay, HUGGING!) our latest RePro feature, Ms. Veronica Valli, in October of 2015 at the historic UNITE to Face Addiction rally on the Washington, D.C. downtown mall." Read more.

Lorraine Kelly: Addictions Expert, Veronica Valli Speaks on TV

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