#258 – Parenting As Prevention: Four Ds with Dr Camilo Ortiz


As part of our Parenting As Prevention series, Dr. Camilo Ortiz joins Veronica to discuss the four Ds (discomfort, distress, disappointment, and (mild) danger) and how our kids need to manage these feelings in order to learn vital life skills as adults.

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about this episode

Director of clinical training and associate professor of psychology, Dr. Camilo Ortiz, conducts research on parenting, disruptive behavior problems in children, and child anxiety. Dr. Ortiz received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, before joining the faculty at Long Island University-Post. Dr. Ortiz is a licensed psychologist and runs a private psychology practice in NY. He has made a number of media appearances to bring evidence-based clinical psychology to a broader audience. His latest work, Independence Therapy for Child Anxiety, was recently described in an op-ed piece he wrote for the NY Times.

In today’s conversation, Dr. Ortiz and I talk about:

  • Why the four Ds are important in parenting
  • Discomfort – experiencing discomfort and missed opportunities for building core beliefs
  • Distress – allowing children to feel distress without jumping in with solutions
  • Disappointment – the problem with always helping children to avoid disappointment
  • The impact of overprotective parenting
  • The connection between experiencing disappointment and learning to regulate emotions
  • Danger – the benefits of risky play
  • How having experiences with physical risk and danger helps children’s long-term safety and problem-solving abilities
  • Why we need to foster independence in children
  • Addressing the increasing levels of anxiety in young people
  • The relationship between parenting, struggle, and the development of grit in children
  • The importance of allowing children to practice persistence and resilience


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