#257 – Finding Joy In Sobriety


Chip and Veronica believe that if sobriety wasn’t joyful, fun, and interesting, we wouldn’t want to do it. Finding joy in sobriety is what underpins long-term sobriety. Today, they discuss how to find joy in sobriety.

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about this episode

When I first decided to become sober, I was haunted by the nagging fear that my life would become joyless and gray. It was a decision I made after deciding that my challenges while drinking and using were worse than the prospect of a lonely life.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sobriety hasn’t just been about removing alcohol from my life; it’s been about adding color, vibrancy, joy, and fulfillment in ways I never imagined possible.

Sobriety is not the end of fun, it’s the beginning of truly experiencing life.

In today’s conversation, Chip and I talk about:

  • The misconception of joyless sobriety
  • Our realization that sobriety can be vibrant and fulfilling
  • How we discovered our joy in sobriety
  • Why it’s essential to be fully connected to the present moment
  • Reflecting on the loss of excitement and joy during the years of alcohol and drug use
  • Engaging with the world and enjoying simple pleasures in sobriety
  • Finding joy in new activities and experiencing lasting joy from achieving personal milestones
  • The joy of discovery and returning to yourself after getting sober
  • Why it can be hard to believe in a joyful life in early recovery
  • The gradual process of finding joy
  • The importance of paying attention and finding joy in everyday experiences
  • Contrasting the experience of joy with your challenges in sobriety
  • Some of the unexpected places we’ve found joy in sobriety

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