#256 – The Four Tasks of Mourning


In the second part of this series, Veronica and Chip discuss the four tasks of mourning and how these actions can help us move through this important process of letting go.

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about this episode

Grief isn’t something we experience exclusively in relation to the loss or death of a person. It could be related to a home, relationship, pet, or a number of different experiences. Understanding the cycle of grief and where you are in the process can make the whole situation much easier to navigate.

In the first episode of this series, we discussed the five stages of the cycle of grief: denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance. Today, we’re exploring the grieving process and examining the four tasks of mourning that are pivotal to healing and growth.

In today’s conversation, Chip and I talk about:

  • Accepting the reality of loss and how denying it affects the grieving process
  • The necessity of experiencing the pain and emotions associated with grief
  • Cultural differences in expressing emotions
  • Withdrawing emotionally and repression
  • Dealing with the fear of experiencing emotions and the relief that comes from releasing them
  • Individual variations in the grieving process and the importance of allowing oneself to move forward.
  • Adapting to the absence of a loved one by rearranging physical spaces and belongings.
  • Transitioning from sadness to embracing memories
  • Reinvesting your emotional energy in other relationships and activities
  • Adjusting after giving up alcohol or drugs and the importance of connecting with sober activities and people while mourning
  • The role of AA in recovery and how it evolves as life starts happening
  • Accepting the reality of loss, experiencing and expressing emotions, and shifting one’s life to find happiness
  • Seeking support while coping with loss

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