#255 – The Cycle of Grief


In part one of this two-part series, Chip and Veronica talk about the very necessary process of going through the grief cycle whenever we lose something.

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about this episode

There are many processes and cycles that shape our lives. Whether it’s navigating relationships, coping with change, or facing loss, recognizing these patterns can provide comfort and clarity during challenging times and help us to move forward in a healthy way.

Grief is one of those universal experiences. The cycle of grief has five stages – denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance – and contrary to popular belief, it can manifest in everyday losses, not just profound ones.

In today’s conversation, Chip and I explore the cycle of grief and share our personal experiences with the five stages. We talk about:

  • Why we’re talking about the cycle of grief
  • The process of grief and the benefits of understanding your position in the process
  • Denial as the first stage of the grief process
  • How denial manifests in everyday situations
  • Our experiences with the bargaining stage
  • The impact of bargaining on your relationships
  • Avoiding the truth and why it often leads to depression and anger
  • Chip’s experience with self-inflicted anger and the difficulty of accepting loss
  • Dealing with lingering anger
  • Unresolved grief and the struggle to accept traumatic events
  • The transformational effect that can be brought about by embracing sadness
  • Emotional imbalance during alcohol dependency
  • The journey toward acceptance
  • The therapeutic value of crying and cultural differences in grieving
  • The importance of not getting stuck in the grief cycle
  • Chip’s fear of being forgotten and abandoned
  • Building a lasting legacy

Grief is a complex and individual process, and in our next episode, we’ll be focusing on the four tasks of mourning.

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