#225 – ​Drugs, Alcohol and Rock’n’Roll with Simon Mason


Simon Mason shouldn’t be alive. Drop out, drug dealer, addict. He thought he was living the life as a drug dealer to the biggest bands in Britpop (Oasis) it took him ten years and multiple treatment and detox stays to get sober. Simon shares his tales and how music saved his life.

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about this episode

In much the same way as he once sought the ways and means to use drugs, Simon has, over the past 16 years of his recovery, sought an ever-changing creative way to carry the message of recovery. Simon has also worked as a sober coach to numerous musicians and other creatives for over ten years.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Simon’s traumatic childhood
  • How music saved Simon’s life
  • The power of human kindness
  • Childhood trauma and the path to addiction
  • Getting caught up in addiction and criminality
  • How Simon started using drugs to cope with traumatic events from his childhood
  • What it was like to become the go-to person for bands who needed drugs during music festivals in the late 80s and early 90s
  • Touring with Oasis and the rockstar lifestyle
  • The impact of our addiction on loved ones
  • Accepting the need for help
  • Simon’s journey to sobriety and the life he has carved out for himself.
  • How fellowship has helped Simon deal with his shame and guilt in recovery
  • Becoming a sober coach for musicians.
  • Starting a band in sobriety
  • And more!


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