#224 – ​Binge Pattern Dependency Drinking


Chip and Veronica break down what binge pattern drinking is. They discuss that it’s not how much we drink or how often; it’s the pattern that matters. We can delude ourselves for a long time that our drinking isn’t problematic if we don’t drink every day, which is how Veronica’s drinking was.

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about this episode

“I know I don’t have a drinking problem because I don’t drink every day.”

It’s a common defense mechanism and the way that a lot of us justify our drinking. Unfortunately, it’s also where we get it wrong.

Frequency of drinking is not the determining factor in alcohol dependency. It’s not about how much you drink, it’s about what happens when you do.

This is where binge-pattern drinking becomes a problem. Many people kid themselves into thinking they’re okay because they’re not drinking every day, but if you’re drinking huge amounts on weekends and neglecting your responsibilities, that’s a red flag

So, how can we recognize these patterns and break the self-delusion?

If you think you might be struggling with binge-pattern drinking, you’re not alone. This is exactly how my drinking was and it took me a while to recognize it for what it was.  Remember, recognizing these patterns and seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a step towards strength and a better future.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why behavior patterns are more telling than individual actions or statements
  • The commonality of binge pattern drinking
  • The shocking level of addiction and self-deception that humans are capable of
  • Getting real about the consequences of drinking
  • Planning events around getting drunk
  • The elaborate excuses we construct for binge drinking
  • The role of fear and emotions in alcohol dependency.
  • The individuality of alcohol dependency
  • How Veronica used other substances and behaviors to manage her emotions when she wasn’t drinking
  • Self-delusion and how we minimize the consequences of our drinking
  • And more!


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