#223 – ​Dry Society with Lori Windfeldt


Lori Windfeldt, the founder of Dry Society Social Club, joins Veronica to discuss why having fun and socialising in sobriety is so important and how we can normalise not drinking in our communities.

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about this episode

Have you ever felt pressure to drink to have fun? Or like you’re the only one in your social circle who doesn’t drink?

Seeing the massively unmet need of sober people to have fun and socialize in a safe environment, today’s guest Lori Windfeldt decided to create a solution. Lori is a WSJ & USA Today Best-Selling Author, Certified Professional Coach, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host and founder of Dry Society Social Club. Today we’re discussing her journey from a drunken housewife to sobriety, the challenges of being a sober person in a drinking culture, and the importance of finding support and community in sobriety.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lori’s background
  • How her drinking increased after becoming a stay-at-home mom
  • The first year of sobriety and the relationship between sobriety and self-absorption
  • The moment Lori realized she needed external support
  • How Lori’s drinking friends reacted to her sobriety
  • The sense of purpose and life transformation that came with our sobriety
  • The Dry Society Social Club
  • Lori’s vision for Dry Society
  • The need for elevated events for sober people.
  • Creating a community where people in recovery can feel normal and comfortable
  • The growth of the sobriety movement
  • Embracing alcohol-free lifestyle choices
  • And more!

About Lori Windfeldt

Running on coffee, chaos and curse words with a “tell it like it is” approach to life, Lori supports all things recovery in her own unique and trenchant style. While current labels include International Speaker, Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Event Producer, and Recovery Advocate, Lori’s most important roles in life are Wife, Mommy and Educator.

After ending her tumultuous career as a drunken housewife in 2015, Lori has devoted herself to a life of recovery advocacy – joining in the crusade to end the stigma, shame and embarrassment conventionally tied to mental illness, the disease of addiction, and recovery itself!

As a former Executive who climbed the corporate ladder for companies such as Microsoft and Charles River, to a Franchisee turned stay-at- home Mom, Lori has the experience and expertise that allows her to relate to Executives and Housewives alike.

Lori shares her dynamic personality as host of the hit podcast Recovery Hour, was named as one of Sierra Nevada’s “Top 20 Powerful Women” and is currently touring the Unites States speaking to Corporate America about Addiction Awareness & Mental Wellness in the Workplace.

In addition to Lori’s social and media presence, she lends her expertise and experiences to clients as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), A She Recovers® designated Coach (SRCD), a Nevada State certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) and a Certified Facilitator in Addiction Awareness (CFAA).

Lori works exclusively with women looking to elevate their lives and their outlook from surviving to thriving! If in recovery, clients must be steady in their recovery practice.

Lori lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband Ty and children Katie, Cole and Madison, and puppies Keegan and Coco. When not doing all things women and recovery, she enjoys college basketball, live music, and traveling with her friends and family.

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