#211 – Episode 211 – How Our Childhoods Shape Us: Prince Harry and Institutional Trauma with Dr. Jamie Marich


Dr. Jamie Marich returns to discuss Prince Harry’s book in relation to trauma, mental health, addiction, and what happens when someone is brave enough to speak up about institutional abuse.

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about this episode

After reading Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, and Dr. Jamie Marich’s book, Dissociation Made Simple, I had to get our good friend back on the podcast. We talk about the life of Prince Harry from his perspective, inconsistencies with the publications of the British press, and how he bravely continues to face and overcome his challenges as a member of the Royal Family.

About Dr. Jamie Marich

Dr. Jamie Marich (she/they) describes herself as a facilitator of transformative experiences. A clinical trauma specialist, expressive artist, writer, yogini, performer, short filmmaker, Reiki master, TEDx speaker, and recovery advocate, she unites all of these elements in her mission to inspire healing in others. She began her career as a humanitarian aid worker in Bosnia-Hercegovina from 2000-2003, primarily teaching English and music while freelancing with other projects. Jamie travels internationally teaching on topics related to trauma, EMDR therapy, expressive arts, mindfulness, and yoga, while maintaining a private practice and online education operations in her home base of Northeast Ohio. Jamie is the author of numerous books on trauma recovery and healing, with many more projects in the works. Marich is the founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

key highlights

  • The courage to speak out against an established institution came with its consequences
    • Having his security privileges stripped away from him for the first time in his life
    • Death threats against his wife (attacks on his family)
    • The misrepresentation of life experiences or sentiments shared by the British press
  • The apparent human obsession with institutions and elevating others
    • Is our collective interest in families like the Royal Family of England, the Kardashians, or the Kennedys rooted in entertainment, or is it an innate need to place others on a pedestal?
  • The Life and Death of Princess Diana
    • Media manipulation and how it affects the subjects of these narratives
    • Prince Harry’s relationship with his mother and how he coped with her loss
  • Misogyny in the Royal Family
    • Women who marry into the Royal Family have historically been treated poorly by the British press
    • Prince Harry suggests, and understandably so, that his wife, Meghan, has experienced it worse than others because there’s a racist layer added to the discrimination
  • Coping with Intergenerational Trauma
    • What we see happening with Prince William and the Royal Family is far from new
    • Jamie explains to us that the trauma responses of war veterans and in dysfunctional families are very similar across the board
    • Resmaa Manakem’s offering for eradicating racism and how our acquired privileges make it easier to do wrong by others

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