#164 – Episode 164 – How Do You Stop Drinking When Everyone Around You Still Drinks?


Chip and Veronica explain how to live in a wet world when it seems like everyone drinks.

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about this episode

We live in a very wet world and we have to learn to navigate it.

Thinking back to when I stopped drinking, I felt like no matter where I went, alcohol was there. And in the years since Chip and I stopped drinking, alcohol has become even more prevalent.

It’s everywhere from bars to yoga studies.

At the same time, sober challenges are getting more popular. From Dry January and Dry July to Sober October, people are telling themselves that if they can stop for a month, they don’t have a problem with alcohol.

That’s not to say no good comes out of these challenges.

I know lots of people who stopped drinking after realizing how hard these challenges were for them and that they were obsessing. That’s how they realized alcohol was a problem for them.

As we come to the end of Dry January, let’s start thinking about the rest of the year. In this episode, Chip and I are talking about how to live in a wet world when it seems like everyone drinks.

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