#111 – Episode 111 – Why does stopping drinking feel so hard?


We hear this all the time ‘but getting sober is so hard!’ Chip and Veronica explain that it feels hard because of our perception about drinking and sobriety and it’s actually having an alcohol problem that is hard.

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Change is difficult. Especially change that you know is going to be hard and that you’ve never experienced before. and you have to make in faith that the outcome will be good.

When you’re stopping drinking, you have to trust that the people who are telling you it’s worth are being honest and we’re not very good at that.

Most of our lives when we’ve given our trust to other people, it hasn’t worked out well and we end up without much trust in other people’s word. When somebody comes along and says “Yeah, recovery is great! It’s worth all the effort,” you don’t know what’s at the other end. So your resistance to that change is even stronger than normal.

What makes it even harder is, the social conditioning, shame and family expectations around recovery cause us to set an unrealistic bar for ourselves, thinking we should have all the answers on our own.

That makes us avoid reaching out to get support around stopping drinking when in fact, going it alone just makes everything much harder than necessary.

If you broke your leg, would you sit at home beating yourself up that you don’t know how to fix it yourself or would you go to the doctor and get it fixed?

In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into our perception of drinking and sobriety and why it’s actually having an alcohol problem that’s hard.

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