#110 – Episode 110 – Overcoming Our Childhood Issues


Our childhood sets us up for our adulthood. In this episode, Chip and Veronica explore how our childhood relationships with food, time and feelings then play out in adulthood.

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“Your past is showing up in your present every single day.” – Veronica Valli

The choices you make, how you’re responding to your partner, how you’re responding to your children, how you respond to your boss, why you eat the way you do, and how much you eat, all of that has come from your childhood.

Your first 15 years of life are the most crucial for your development.

In our experience, most of the traumas in our lives can be traced back to those first 15 years.

When we begin to explore it and understand it, we’ll be able to cope easier with life as adults.

We’ll see the triggers and reactions for what they are, and we won’t be ambushed or blindsided when things come up.

We dive deep into this topic in this episode, and we’re exploring stories and lessons from childhood relationships with food, time, and feelings and how they play out in adulthood.

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