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Get sober, stay sober, and finally feel good about it.

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You’ve been thinking about stopping drinking for a while now, but you can’t quite imagine your life without alcohol.

Yet the hangovers, regrets, and not-so-great health are wearing on you. You want to feel amazing in every aspect of your life. And alcohol is holding you back.

Does this sound like you?

Do you wake up more mornings than you care to admit feeling less-than-stellar because you drank too much the night before? You roll out of bed with regret and a headache, swearing you won’t drink for a while—or maybe ever.

Only to make it to the evening when you decide you’ll have “just one drink” to take the edge off.

Life is hard. Stress happens. Relationships take their toll. Drinking helps, right?

Until you’re five drinks in—or more!—and making the same mistakes you regretted last time, or worse.

Or maybe you haven’t had a drink in a while, but “just one drink” has been on your mind. You’ve been this close, too many times.

Or you keep going back to day one and feel like you’re failing.

It’s a vicious cycle. You probably recognized it long ago, and have been planning to stop or cut back—and maybe sometimes you succeed for a few days or even a couple weeks or months—but you always keep drinking.

It’s taking a toll on your life, your relationships, your health, your emotions, maybe even your job.

Feel better, do better, be better.


Sober Kickstart is a laser-focused 10-week program designed to help you get and stay sober.

We’ve expanded the program to include group coaching so that you can really immerse yourself in this experience.

You’ll build the foundation for a sober life using tools that we’ve employed successfully with clients for decades.

Day by day, you’ll watch your hangovers and regret fade into the past. You’ll step out of the brain fog and into a life you can feel proud of.

Here's What You Get:

Sober Kickstart digital program

Sober Kickstart is an online program that gives you the tools and support you need to help you get through the first 30 days of sobriety. You’ll build the foundation for a sober life using tools that we’ve employed successfully with clients for decades.

Weekly group coaching calls

Join Veronica and the Soberful team for a weekly session that helps you implement new tools, reflect on your progress, and troubleshoot your challenges.

Soberful Workbook

Specific exercises designed to help you make important breakthroughs along your sober journey.

Private Online Space (not on Facebook)*

Together with other like-minded individuals, we’ll create a tight-knit online support group that offers accountability, inspiration, and refuge during difficult times. The private online group is not on Facebook but held within our subscription group which is a minimal additional fee. The connections you make during this time are golden.

And as a BONUS, you’ll also get access to:

Soberful Freedom program

6-week comprehensive program that gives you all the tools you need to create empowering routines that keep you sober so that you can live a life you love.


Commitment—Your Promise

Before you get too excited about what a sober future might mean for you, we need to clear something up.

Sobriety is not something that will just happen to you. You need to put in the work.

  • Your drinking required effort.

  • Being hungover took up time.

  • Money was spent on alcohol.

Now you have to use that time and effort to live in the solution. You have the keys to the freedom you have been craving, but only you can use them.

The people who attempt to achieve sustainable sobriety can be neatly divided into two camps:

  • Those who do the work

  • And those who don’t

The work you put into your sobriety will likely be more rewarding than you have ever anticipated. But it does require work. Over time this becomes a way of life, and the work you need to do to maintain your sobriety will begin to come naturally.

You will be highly motivated by the rewards that come when you live a balanced, sober life. The more good stuff that comes your way, the more you’ll want. It’s as simple as that. Do you want more of the good stuff?

First, you must promise to do the work. We promise to show up for you in this program, but you must promise to show up for us. (Which really means you’re showing up for yourself.)


You in?

You may not know if Sober Kickstart is the right program for you.

In a Next-Step Assessment Call, you’ll talk to Veronica about your goals and life circumstances, and she’ll be able to give you some direction about what’s the next best possible step for you. Everyone is on a different path. Soberful keenly recognizes that.

Sometimes you just need to know what’s possible for your unique situation.

Veronica will discuss with you the options you have to stop drinking. If Sober Kickstart—or any other Soberful program—is the best option for you, we'll subtract $97 from the cost of the program.

The Sober Kickstart has a range of payment options that Veronica can discuss with you when you speak with her.

Sober Kickstart: Get and Stay Sober

In the Sober Kickstart online program, we’ll start off by preparing you to get through the first seven days.

Next, we’ll equip you with everything you need to get past the hurdles that have kept you drinking up until now. You’ll have everything you need to get sober with confidence. You’ll be able to:

  • Understand why you drink and how culture has tricked you into believing alcohol is good for you

  • See that you’re not alone despite how you feel

  • Fill your time with activities you love (that don’t involve drinking)

  • Socialize sober without feeling like you’re missing out

  • Overcome cravings

  • Tell people you’re not drinking without feeling shame

  • Avoid self-sabotage

  • Understand that drinking is not the problem—it’s actually a symptom for underlying problems that need to be addressed.

  • Stick it out for the duration of the program (and beyond!), feeling like you have options And so much more!

Weekly Modules

Week 1 Why now?

Understand why you need to get sober now and identify your ‘why’. Prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Week 2 Cost/Benefit Analysis

Calculate the true cost of your drinking and make plans for how you’ll use that money (and time, and energy) for positive change in your life.

Week 3 Dealing with Other People and Social Situations

Lose the FOMO and learn how to navigate relationships without guilt or shame.

Week 4 How to Have Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries in your life so that you can have space to become the person you are meant to be.

Week 5 Maintaining Boundaries

Continued boundary work to make sure the boundaries you’re setting are sustainable.

Week 6 Creating Balance/HALTS

Identify the areas of your life that are out of balance, and implement a plan that highlights your needs.

Week 7 Weekends, Holidays and Temptation

Get through the holidays without freaking out or hiding out.

Week 8 Dealing with Triggers

Identify your triggers and learn methods for lessening their hold over you.

Week 6 Strengths and Challenges

Assess the areas of your life where you thrive and the areas that challenge you so that you can shift your focus and efforts in the right direction.

Week 7 The Five Pillars of Sustainable Sobriety

Establish the Five Pillars of Sustainable Sobriety in your life as guideposts for your sobriety.

Here’s how Sober Kickstart can Help

  • Preparation: Work on your mindset to get ready for success.

  • Commitment: Learn how to stay the course when you’d normally fail.

  • Opportunity: Turn challenges into wins by knowing what to do.

  • Discovery: Learn the sober truth and how to finally create a life you love.

Meet Your Coaches

Tap the image to view bios.

Veronica Valli is changing the narrative on sobriety. With 20 years in recovery and 17 years’ experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to recovery.

Author of books Why You Drink and How to Stop, Get Sober Get Free, and upcoming Soberful (to be published by Sounds True), and co-host of the Soberful Podcast, Veronica has helped thousands of women not only recover from alcohol, but also transform their lives.

Veronica teaches that alcohol is not the problem—it’s only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. She helps women dig deep, embrace change, and become who they are meant to be. “I help you reveal yourself to yourself,” she says.

Veronica works with women all over the world through her successful and innovative online recovery programs. Now based in the US after relocating from the UK, she is married and lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and two sons.

Chip Somers is a successful psychotherapist with a practice in Harley Street, London. He has run several rehabilitation centers throughout his 33-year career. He deals with people who have tried to sort themselves out but need that extra bit of input to help them get better and get through the mess they are in.

Chip has been instrumental in many people's recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. In particular, Russell Brand dedicates a whole chapter to Chip in his new book Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped.

Chip is married with two adult children. He has been continuously sober since 1985.

Tamara Kirby has helped hundreds of people recover from active addiction as a Licensed Addictions Counselor and International Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She uses her own recovery as well as her clinical skills and education to lead the path in stigma reduction, raising community awareness, and educating businesses. She helps businesses change company policy and build a better business by meeting the needs of their employees.

She has opened and maintained the development of two addiction treatment programs in the past five years. Currently she is a treatment consultant with the Indiana Center for Recovery and Haven Behavioral Health as well as the community manager of Soberful Life.


“I decided to join to connect with other people seeking long-term sobriety and to learn new skills that support this path. Veronica and Chip have decades of experience that allows them to guide the group in a productive manner each session.

The program helped me identify some of my limiting beliefs, provided more confidence and courage, and connected me in a personal way with others in the group. I am now better prepared to continue growing and facing fears, and to imagine so many other possibilities of what life can bring in sobriety.”

Which of these Myths is Holding You Back?

“If I stop drinking, I’ll miss out on all the fun.”

“If I stop drinking, the people in my life won’t understand.”

“I won’t be able to cope with [insert current difficult situation].”

“I’ll lose all my friends.”

“I can’t stop. Every time I try, I fail.”

“I’ve stopped drinking for a while now, but it still feels so hard.”

“What if I can’t do it?”

“It feels scary to do this so I’m going to put it off.”

Maybe you’ve tried AA but had a bad experience and don’t want to go back.


Or maybe AA is the last place you want to go because...

You’re not ready to sit down face-to-face with a group of strangers and reveal your deepest truth.

Or you’re not religious and can’t get over the dogma.

Or the idea of calling yourself an alcoholic goes against everything you believe.

We get it.

Sober Kickstart is designed to meet you where you’re at.

You get access to Sober Kickstart, the online program that gives you the tools you need to get and stay sober.

PLUS you get exclusive access to group coaching sessions with Veronica, Chip, and Tamara, designed to build your foundation for sobriety that works.


We’re setting you up for success.


And as a bonus...

You also get access to the Soberful Freedom program to help you dig even deeper into your sobriety and gain a wealth of tools to keep you sober and thriving. All alongside a tight-knit group of people who are going through similar circumstances.

You don't have to do it alone.

Stopping drinking is hard, there’s no doubt. That’s why we’ve created Sober Kickstart—so you don’t have to try to figure this out on your own. (In our experience, you need support to stop drinking.)


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here, you know that what you have been doing until now isn’t working. You need the right tools and support to make it happen. When you have a solid plan combined with the knowledge of what to expect, then you have a much better chance of success. We use our experience to give you the knowledge and skills—it’s up to you to do the work.

We get asked this question a lot. Don’t worry—this is covered in the program. What to say, how and when to say it and how to deal with people who don’t like the fact you have stopped drinking.

No. If you wait, you’ll never find the right time because there is always an upcoming event, holiday, birthday, etc. that you associate with drinking. The truth is, you can easily socialize and have fun sober, it’s just that you have never learned how to do it.
Think back over the last few times you drank. Was it fun? Really? What if, instead, you could go to your party/event, spend less money, not make a fool of yourself, and wake up the next morning feeling great? The only thing that needs to change is your belief that you have to drink to have fun. You’ll work on all this in Sober Kickstart.

We recommend that you seek help from your health care provider to stop drinking safely. It can be dangerous for some people to stop drinking without medical help.

Yes, as soon as you pay, you gain access to the Sober Kickstart and Soberful Freedom online course materials. You can start the online programs right away. You’ll also receive an invite to attend a weekly group coaching call, where you’ll join Veronica and the Soberful team plus a group of like-minded individuals who are doing the work alongside you. If you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a recording of the session that you can access for up to seven days. You’ll also be invited to join a private online community to connect with others in the group.

You’ll be able to access the Sober Kickstart and the Soberful Freedom online programs forever.

We don't necessarily adhere to or advise against these steps. We leave the choice of support up to you. We have seen people do very well in AA, but we have seen people get support other ways as well.

If you are drinking heavily, you are at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms that need to be monitored by a healthcare professional. We are not licensed health professionals. The information in this program is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace any advice from a healthcare professional. Please consult your health care professional before you plan to give up alcohol.

A Note from Your Future Self

Hi you,

This feels like a hard decision, I know. You’re not sure you want to do this, or can do this. But that tiny idea you have that your life could be better without alcohol? It’s so true. You can do this. 

Love you.

- Your Future Self

Sober Kickstart will help you understand how the alcohol paradox has you fooled and how the sober truth can help you like yourself again. Being sober will give you everything alcohol ever promised you, and more.


Next Step...

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We are not licensed health professionals. The information in this program is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace any advice from a healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional before you plan to give up alcohol.