Get the life you long for—sober.

Full of life, not alcohol.



Being sober isn’t about simply giving up alcohol.

It’s about living life to its fullest. It’s about becoming the person you are meant to be.

At Soberful, we show you how to adopt a sober mindset so that you can achieve sustainable, emotional sobriety.

We help you shed the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Soberful offers online sobriety programs, group coaching, resources, and training to help you get sober—and stay sober.

Does this sound familiar?

We tend to think that alcohol will help us to have fun, create excitement, connect with others and belong, or to relax.

But it’s a total lie. We end up miserable, full of regret, at odds with the people we’re closest to, and more stressed and anxious than ever.


You probably already know...

...that you would feel better—and that life itself would get better—if you stopped drinking.

And you may have already stopped.

But then you get STUCK.

Sometimes you get stuck trying to stop drinking. And sometimes you get stuck after you get sober.

Maybe you’re already sober, but...’re riding the roller coaster of emotions that usually comes after you stop drinking (which is likely why your drinking became a problem in the first place).

...the relationships in your life are strained and you’re having trouble setting good boundaries. thought that everything would get better once you stopped drinking, but it didn’t.


Or maybe you want to get sober, but...’re afraid your life will become boring and you’ll lose all your friends. think you need alcohol to be social. can’t stop going back to day one.

Or maybe you just want to moderate your drinking, but...’ve tried that so many times that you’re beginning to wonder if it’s even possible.

Yet you keep giving in when you tell yourself, “I’ll just have one.” (It’s NEVER just one.)


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Meet the Experts


Hi. I'm veronica Valli,


I have been a leader and pioneer in the field of alcohol recovery for almost two decades. As a former clinical psychotherapist and with 20 years of sobriety, I bring a unique personal and professional perspective to my work.


I have been a leader and pioneer in the field of alcohol recovery for almost two decades. As a former clinical psychotherapist and with 20 years of sobriety, I bring a unique personal and professional perspective to my work.

I know what you’ve been through because I’ve been there too. And I know how to help you come through it because of my vast experience working with people just like you.


When I first started drinking, it was fun. I felt like I finally belonged in my own skin. Like I had the keys to this exciting new world. It’s like how you feel when you take your first couple of drinks. Fun. Relaxed. Happy. Interesting to others.

Funny how the blackouts, arguments, embarrassments, fatigue, and sometimes dangerous behaviors—and terrible hangovers—are muted by the glow of those first few drinks and the promises they make to us.

Eventually, I was drinking to numb the intense fear and panic I experienced yet didn’t have the tools to handle. “I’m not an alcoholic,” I told myself as I drank at 8:30 AM to get through class at university without panic. “Alcoholics actually enjoy drinking. I’m doing this because I have to.”

The things I told myself to convince myself that I needed to drink—and eventually to use drugs—were unreal. And I believed them every time.


When I finally heard someone describe the inner world of someone with an alcohol problem, I understood with crystal clarity that there was a solution to my problem.

You see, it’s not a drinking problem you have. Drinking is simply a symptom of another underlying problem you’re trying to solve. (Mine was fear and panic attacks.)

I’ve been sober for 20 years. Stopping drinking—and the work I did on myself alongside it—helped me feel like myself again. I now feel whole and purposeful. That’s worth everything to me.


Everyone has a different story about their drinking. Your story is uniquely yours. But what we all have in common is the hope that we can face the difficulties in life, as well as the challenges we’ve experienced in the past, with tools and support that help us get through our days and understand our worth—no matter what we face.

For 12 years I used alcohol to fill a void within me. But for some reason, the void only got bigger despite what alcohol promised me. I got out, and so can you—no matter how big or small your void (or whether you even recognize you have one).

I created Soberful to help you.


Hi. I'm Chip Somers.


I have been on the frontlines of drug and alcohol recovery for over three decades helping people understand that their traumas, big and small, do not define them. I was described by Russell Brand in his book ‘Recovery’ as a "right social liability!"


Chip Somers is a successful psychotherapist with a practice in Harley Street, London. He has run several rehabilitation centers throughout his 33-year career.

He deals with people who have tried to sort themselves out but need that extra bit of input to help them get better and get through the mess they are in.

Chip has been instrumental in many people's recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. In particular, Russell Brand dedicates a whole chapter to Chip in his new book Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped.

Chip is married with two adult children. He has been continuously sober since 1985.

Soberful Core Values We are committed to the journey of living our truth.

Soberful has always been committed to creating safe spaces for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, or religious belief. All are welcome, and we actively work to make sure Soberful is a safe space for all.

We also recognize that minorities and POC face additional obstacles and barriers to accessing help for a drug or alcohol problem. We continue to work on dismantling these barriers so that all people can have equality in access to help and services.

Chip and I have been committed to anti-racism work our entire careers. This work continues and is ongoing.

Our Values