#271 – The Dark Side of Social Media: Dr. Kardaras on Addiction and Mental Health


Social media is addiction by design. Dr. Nicholas Kardaras joins Veronica to talk about social media addiction and how it was deliberately designed to hijack our dopamine system and get us hooked. It’s digital candy and we are enticed into displaying our idealised internal lives. Dr Kardaras explains how predatory algorithms work and how they are responsible for creating a mental health crisis for young people.

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“Complacency is one of the biggest causes of relapse out there.”

In this episode, Veronica and Dr. Nicholas Kardaras dive into the rise of social media addiction and its profound impact on mental health. Dr. Kardaras explains how social media platforms are intentionally designed to be addictive, exploiting user vulnerabilities. He highlights the severe effects on teenagers, including increased rates of depression and suicide. Emphasizing the need for legislative regulation to protect users, Dr. Kardaras outlines his treatment protocol for digital media addiction, which involves a digital detox and developing a healthy sense of identity.

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