#270 – Complacency with Veronica Valli & Chip Somers


What happens when we get complacent about our sobriety? Chip and Veronica discuss the times they had got complacent about their recovery. When they stopped going to meetings and stopped doing all the work they did to remain emotionally sober, Veronica shared her tool of ‘when I’m ok with me, I don’t have to make you wrong.’ And how she uses that as a guide. When she notices that she is picking at or criticising other people, it’s usually an indication that she is not ok and needs to do something to take care of her mental and emotional health. No matter how long we have been sober, we still need to connect with other sober people. Whatever sobriety program we work in, we need its principles to guide us for the rest of our lives.

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“Complacency is one of the biggest causes of relapse out there.”

In this episode, Veronica and Chip discuss the topic of complacency in sobriety. They share personal experiences of times when they became complacent and the negative effects it had on their recovery. They emphasize the importance of maintaining connection and seeking support in sobriety to prevent complacency. They also discuss the need for ongoing self-reflection and inventory to maintain mental and emotional health. Overall, the conversation highlights the dangers of complacency and the importance of staying engaged in recovery. The conversation explores the importance of maintaining connections and avoiding complacency in sobriety. It emphasizes the value of speaking to others in recovery and the sense of belonging and understanding that comes from these connections. The discussion also highlights the need for ongoing personal development and self-reflection to maintain mental and emotional health. The concept of complacency is examined, with a focus on the dangers of neglecting support systems and becoming disconnected. The conversation concludes with a reminder of the importance of having an emergency plan and giving back to the recovery community.

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