#240 – Drinking Alone


Chip and Veronica discuss how drinking alone has changed over the years, why more women drink alone, and how dangerous it can be when we age. When we drink alone, we’re drinking for the wrong reasons, and it’s a clear sign that we have a problem.

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about this episode

In the past, drinking alone was seen as a sign of problem drinking. In recent years, it’s become socially acceptable.

What’s behind this shift?

A lot of different factors have played into this evolution. From the closure of social venues during the pandemic to the diminishing stigma associated with being drunk, cultural shifts are taking place that see this trend continuing to increase.

I’ve seen drinking alone become a defining characteristic for many of my clients, particularly middle-aged women. Successful women often turn to alcohol as a way to cope with stress or unwind after work, but it can easily escalate into excessive consumption.

But drinking alone is not without its dangers. The lack of support and monitoring can lead to more accidents and drinking more than when we’re around other people. Without anyone to intervene, there’s also the potential for self-delusion – if no one is there to judge you, who’s to say it’s bad?

In today’s episode, Chip and I discuss:

  • How the perception around drinking alone has changed over the years
  • How alcohol is being inserted into places where it doesn’t belong
  • Dangers and detriments of drinking alone
  • Why some individuals use alcohol as a way to relieve stress and pressure, and how quickly this can become a habit
  • How excessive drinking has been normalized, with people openly discussing their drinking habits
  • The reasons why many women may choose to drink alone at home
  • Why people feel the need to get drunk when they are living alone
  • The impact of loneliness on alcohol consumption
  • Red flags around drinking alone
  • Hiding alcohol in social situations and drinking in secret
  • The dangers and potential harm associated with drinking alone

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