#226 – Episode 226 – We Answer Your Questions: Being Sober In Your Family


Chip and Veronica answer tough questions like: How do we handle watching our own children start using drugs and alcohol while we are in long-term sobriety? And how do we have boundaries we family members who drink?

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about this episode

Managing issues of sobriety and addiction within your family can be one of the most difficult aspects of recovery.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or approach to this because it’s so dependent on all the individuals concerned. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what’s going on, your sobriety is non-negotiable. It’s not something to compromise to make anyone feel better.

Today we’re answering listener questions about handling your child’s drinking or substance use, dealing with passive-aggressive relatives, and when and how to involve your family in your recovery. Enjoy the episode!

key highlights

How do we handle watching our children start using drugs and alcohol while we are in long-term sobriety?

  • Chip’s experience with his daughter’s years in and out of addiction
  • How our reaction changes for different types of addiction
  • The boundaries and support Chip offered to his daughter
  • “Somewhere along the way, you have to take responsibility for your recovery”
  • Breaking the repetitive loop
  • Chip’s experience with his son’s under-the-radar addiction
  • Recognizing when we have blinders on when it comes to our children
  • The importance of continuing to work on your own recovery
  • How fentanyl has amplified my fear when it comes to my kids
  • Why Chip is worried about addiction in the next generation
  • Get as much as much help and support as you can

How and when should you include your family in your honest recovery and healing?

  • How I told my family about my sobriety
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this
  • A lot depends on how the people around you react
  • How we’d want our friends and family to respond to the news of our sobriety
  • You need to explain how important their support is to you and your boundaries

How should I handle certain family members who are passive-aggressive with my non-drinking status?

  • The people around you who have a problem with alcohol are the people who are going to be most upset and push hardest back
  • You are responsible for your own boundaries
  • How we prefer to handle family members who don’t respect our sobriety
  • It’s important to be assertive about your sobriety


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