#220 – Episode 220 – Women Without Kids with Ruby Warrington


Veronica is joined by author, editor, and podcaster Ruby Warrington for a conversation about sobriety, motherhood, the role of women, and making choices. They explore what it means to be a mother, why women feel this is their primary role, and why more and more women are opting out.

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about this episode

Ruby Warrington is a British-born author, editor, podcaster, and the founder of Numinous Books. Recognized as a true thought leader, Ruby has the unique ability to identify issues that are destined to become part of the cultural narrative. Her previous books include Material Girl, Mystical World; Sober Curious; and The Sober Curious Reset, and her work has been featured by countless media outlets globally, including the New York Times, The Guardian, and Good Morning America.

In this episode, Veronica and Ruby talk about:

  • Being an introvert and not wanting children
  • How having children impacts women’s careers
  • The problem with society equating women’s value with motherhood
  • How the relationship with your mother shapes your life
  • The importance of acceptance in the decision of whether to have children
  • How different generations parented and the impact it’s had on society
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Gen Z’s who don’t want children
  • And more!

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