#215 – Episode 215 – Self-Obsession: A Journey Through Insecurity & Addiction


One of the defining characteristics of addiction is ‘the obsession of self.’ Chip and Veronica talk about their own experiences and how to overcome self-obsession.

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about this episode

We all know someone a bit too focused on themselves and their needs, but when does it become a mental disorder?

Self-obsession is common among people with addiction disorders. While it can be a normal part of life, if left unchecked, it can lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as isolating yourself, becoming narrowly focused on your needs and desires, and constantly comparing yourself to others in a harmful way.

Managing self-obsession is critical to sustainable sobriety and maintaining a healthy outlook on life. It starts with understanding your strengths and weaknesses and recognizing and accepting that no one is perfect.

In this episode, Chip and I discuss the intrinsic need to belong, how the human desire to fit in affects our self-obsession, the one thing that can help us overcome self-obsession, and what it takes to break free from crippling self-obsession.

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