#214 – Episode 214 – Why You Need a Sobriety Practice


Veronica explains that a sobriety practice is really just personal development that maintains our emotional and mental health. She goes into depth as to what that would look like and how it is essential for all human beings not just those suffering from an alcohol problem.

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Sobriety is a gift that gives us an invitation to personal development.

The work of sobriety is about revealing ourselves to ourselves and consists of processes that involve balancing our fear, changing our limiting beliefs, understanding how our childhood shapes us, and self-reflecting. Having a sobriety practice is like having an exercise practice – it’s about what we do today, not what we did in the past. A sustainable sobriety practice is an invitation to grow and move beyond where we are now and to experience the good stuff that comes from that growth. Today, I’m talking about the practice of sobriety, what it actually looks like, and how to develop a personal development practice yourself.

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Why is it important?

Understanding the work of sobriety is an important part of recovery for those who have struggled with substance abuse. Having an understanding of the principles and philosophies of sobriety can help to give a person the tools needed to maintain their sobriety and keep themselves on the path to full recovery. Understanding the work of sobriety can also provide a person with a greater understanding of the struggles they face and how to best cope with them. Learning how to manage triggers, create positive habits, and build supportive relationships are all important aspects of sobriety that a person can learn through understanding the work of sobriety. In addition to gaining the tools to maintain sobriety, understanding the work of sobriety can also help a person to develop a deeper appreciation for their sobriety and its benefits. Having an understanding of the principles and philosophies of sobriety can help to create a sense of purpose and fulfillment in a person’s life. Being able to recognize the importance of sobriety and the positive changes it can bring can provide a person with a greater motivation to stay on the path of recovery and make positive changes in their life. Understanding the work of sobriety can be an important part of the journey to recovery.

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