#162 – Episode 162 – Things That Changed Our Lives This Year


In their traditional end-of-year episode Chip and Veronica discuss the things that changed their lives this year – the events, movies, books, TV shows that made a mark on them.

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about this episode

It’s holiday tradition time!

Today’s show is all about the podcast Christmas traditions Chip and I have created over the years.

First up, we’re sharing all the things that changed our lives in 2021. Pandemic and lockdowns had us trying a lot of new things in our search for the new normal. From books and movies to events and milestones, we’re talking about all the things that stood out for us.

One of the big surprises for me this year has been my new love, jigsaw puzzles.

It started after Christmas 2020 when my kids got bored with their puzzles and the completionist in me had to finish them up. That led to me getting a puzzle for myself and before I knew it, one thing led to another and I’ve gotten really obsessed with them. Wherever I can find 20 minutes, it’s puzzle time. I absolutely love having one in progress and doing them has been so meditative. 18-year-old Veronica who thought she was so rock and roll would be horrified.

Like that, there have been lots more firsts, revelations, fantastic TV shows and books which I’m sharing in detail in the episode.

On top of our milestones, Chip will reveal his highly anticipated annual secret: what he’ll do for his non-Christmas event with his wife, Heidi. Over the years, Chip and Heidi have gradually pared down their non-Christmas, every year being more sparse than the last.

No decorations, no Christmas cards, and the world’s simplest Christmas dinner. Three years ago it started with baked potatoes, beans, and cheese. What’ll it be this year?

Let’s jump in!

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