Sober Summer Soundtrack


Welcome to the Sober Summer Soundtrack!

I’m be sharing my best picks from the podcast to help you enjoy your sober summer with sustainable sobriety.

We’re diving deep into one of my favourite subjects, the 5 Pillars of Sustainable Sobriety, and how you can live your life, maintaining your sobriety and not have to be in a state of constant vigilance.

That doesn’t mean taking your sobriety for granted. Instead, our focus shifts to maintaining our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. And by investing your time and energy into that, your life expands, improves, and deepens in every single way.

The day-to-day tools and strategies that are helpful in the first 90 days or so of your recovery aren’t necessarily the same things you’ll be doing in 10 years.

That’s what sustainable sobriety is.

When we have these things in place then our ability to stay sober and be the people that we are meant to be is just so much easier.

Let’s dive in.

Track 1: The 5 Pillars of Sustainable Sobriety

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In this episode, I’m sharing an overview of the five pillars – movement, connection, balance, process, and growth – and how you can use them to strengthen your sobriety.

Track 2: Strengthening Your Connections With Boundaries

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If you grew up in a family or a situation where your boundaries were invaded then you grew up not knowing what boundaries are, why they’re important, and how they protect you.

Having really good boundaries is essential not just to sobriety but for any human being. I always say to my clients, the one thing that will change your life is by having rock-solid boundaries. In this episode, we explain exactly how.

Track 3: Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body with Steph Gaudreau

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I’ve been learning a lot recently just how important nutrition and food are to our wellness – and I don’t mean just our bodies, I mean our mental health. That’s why I think you’re going to enjoy this episode, where I interview Steph Gaudreau, who is an expert on wellness from the inside. She’s an expert on food and nutrition and we talk about how this can affect our mental health and how you can start to improve your health in a sustainable way in recovery.

Track 4: Finding Balance When Everything Is Changing

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Balance is one of the five pillars of sustainable sobriety and learning how to find balance is vital. While everyone needs balance, it’s doubly important for us because when we get unbalanced, the consequences are much more severe. In this episode Chip and I are sharing strategies you can use to stay in balance and restore your balance when it goes out of whack.

Track 5: Processing Shame and Guilt with Laura McKowen

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Process is about learning how to deal with our feelings and emotions so our past does not show up in our present.⁣ Without this, we’re fighting an uphill battle with sobriety.⁣ Shame and guilt are two of the most difficult emotions to deal with and often some of the main ones that we use drinking to avoid.⁣ In this episode, Laura McKowen and I are talking about why processing shame and guilt is essential for our sobriety and how we can start to do that.⁣

Track 6: Using Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Growth with Julia Ford-Carther

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When we get sober, we have to grow.⁣ But with all growth comes fear and that’s normal.⁣ Julia Ford-Carther wants everyone to recognize their emotions what they are: just data. You are not your emotions or your thoughts.⁣ By doing the work to develop your emotional intelligence (EQ), you’ll find yourself in a much better place to take control of the experiences and interactions you have every day, rather than reacting from your conditioning.⁣ I am always incredibly impressed by Julia and her passion for all things EQ so I loved having this conversation with her on the podcast.⁣

Track 7: Maintaining Sobriety As The World Opens Up

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Lockdown restrictions gave many of us an opportunity to be away from everyday drinking and social pressures that we’d normally be forced to deal with.⁣ For people who got sober in lockdown, having that time has allowed you to build a good foundation for your sobriety and now you have a substantial amount of time and strength under your belt.⁣ On the flip side, that isolation means you haven’t had the opportunity to build up your defences against everyday distractions and triggers and now that everything’s opening up, that’s going to be a reality of your everyday life.⁣ In this episode, Chip and I share tools you can use to maintain your sobriety.

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