#140 – Episode 140 – Coach, influencer or fraud? with Kelly Ruta


In this explosive episode, Veronica interviews Kelly Ruta about the unethical standards in the coaching industry. Prompted by an exchange with unqualified influencer coach Dave Hollis they dig deep into how consumers are being misled by influencers and unqualified coaches and the harm and damage caused. They outline what you should look for in professional services.

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What This Episode Is About

Today I’m joined by Kelly Ruta, a second-time guest on the podcast and an incredible coach and therapist. She is one of the best mindset experts in the field and today we’re talking about paying for services to help you change your life, the coaching industry, influencer culture and our disagreement with Dave Hollis on Instagram.

Our intention for this episode is to give you solid information to make informed decisions about who you work with so you can get the results you’re looking for. The coaching and influencer marketplace can be very confusing and we want you to be armed with the knowledge and tools to make choices that are right for you.

Kelly Ruta is a psychotherapist turned mindset expert for women who have the audacity to change the world. She’s a woman obsessed with empowering other women to answer the call to rise by shifting their game from fearful, insecure, and unclear to full-on badass.

I’ve known Kelly for a while, she’s been one of my coaches and I’ve learned a lot from her. Over the years we’ve had this ongoing conversation about our industry, particularly people selling services to get sober or to help with mindset who are not qualified, experienced or trained professionals. That alarms us.

Here’s where our disagreement with Dave Hollis fits in.

About a month ago, I saw that Dave Hollis, self-described influencer and coach, was selling a program on “Advanced Mindset”. It caught my attention and Kelly and I had a discussion about it and she created a very astute post on her Instagram profile (you can check it out here) calling him out about his lack of qualification for teaching or coaching advanced mindset.

What followed was quite frankly, a frightening response in the comments section, which is still available for you to see on the original post.

There’s always this tug between the ego and what I call the voice of your true self. – Kelly Ruta

One of the most important aspects of mindset work is understanding and navigating your relationship with your ego.

Where the ego is interested in maintaining the status quo and protecting you from venturing into the unknown, your true self is never going to tell you that growth and expansion are impossible.

The ego will start comparing you to other people and either come to the conclusion that you will never do anything great with your life or it can convince you that you are superior to other people and trigger narcissism and manipulative behaviour. That’s what we’re seeing a lot amongst unqualified coaches and influencers speaking from.

Everyone should own how amazing they are as a human being, we just need to do it without it being about ego. – Kelly Ruta

There are so many educational, experience, and regulatory requirements that therapists need to meet on an ongoing basis in order to practice, not to mention the ethical code they are bound by. On the other hand, coaching is a completely unregulated industry.

This is not about bashing coaches, but rather about raising the standard for the industry so that both coaches and consumers are protected.

There are a lot of really well-intentioned coaches but at the end of the day, especially when dealing with mental health, working with a provider who doesn’t have the appropriate training to truly help you is harmful.

There are so many people all over the world who are experienced and qualified to work with you. Please go to those people and get the help that you deserve.


About Kelly Ruta

Kelly Sullivan Ruta is a former clinical psychotherapist of 2 decades who left the profession to raise the bar in the coaching industry with years of formal training, experience and expertise working with the human psyche. She is a sought-after speaker and CEO Development Strategist who helps entrepreneurs create safe and foundational psychological shifts that result in exponential business growth without sacrificing values, ethics or joy.

Kelly believes that women are being called to rise and lead like never before in modern history and entrepreneurs are perfectly positioned to create a massive healing impact on the planet. She seeks to positively impact women worldwide by teaching them to create personal mastery so they are confident, brave, and in COMMAND as they work through the messy phases of scaling and growth.

Kelly is a hardcore introvert, Starbucks addict, unapologetic Scorpio, and lover of all things beach. When she isn’t working, Kelly is hanging with her ride-or-die besties, has her head in a book or is with her husband and two sons, often at the baseball field.

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