#124 – Episode 124 – Procrastination


Why do we procrastinate, why do we avoid doing things we need to do. In this episode, Veronica and Chip explore how fear of failure and fear of change lead us to distract ourselves. They also make a commitment to do things they have been procrastinating on!

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What This Episode Is About

Why do we procrastinate?

There are a ton of reasons but it’s usually from fear of some kind.

Fear of consequences, fear of failure, fear of the work, fear of a difficult conversation.

But at the root of it, there’s something we’re afraid to face because we perceive the pain of facing it will be far greater than the consequences of pretending it doesn’t exist.

Chip spent years stopping and starting – procrastinating with making the decision to finally stop drinking and using.

He says he wasted an extra 10 years of his life to procrastination, skirting around the decision instead of facing it once and for all.

The process just gets worse and worse… WE get worse and worse while we’re in denial about the decision we have to make. Our relationship doesn’t improve, the pain doesn’t lessen, it only gets more burdensome with time.

So let’s talk about how we deal with our procrastination.

A wise CEO once said we should always start our days by doing the things we want to avoid first. Not only are we facing the most difficult thing when we have the most energy, attention, and willpower, we’re creating huge momentum for ourselves that day. With the biggest thing down, there’s nothing you can’t get done.

That may work with heavy tasks, but when it comes to overcoming the fear around a difficult conversation you need to have with a significant other, that’s a whole other animal.

Tied up in that fear might be others like the fear that we may never find another partner, and we’ll be alone forever.

We talk more about these fears and our suggestions on how to deal with them using our experiences in this week’s episode.

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