#89 – Episode 89 – The True Cost of Drinking


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Chip and Veronica take a deep dive into the true cost of drinking. They deconstruct how we lie to ourselves about alcohol so we can carry on drinking. They go through one of the first exercises they give to clients that helps them get free of FOMO and start living an alcohol-free life.

What This Episode Is About

This episode, we’re talking about the cost of drinking, but it’s not what you think.

We’re walking you through an exercise we bring all our clients through when we just start working together, because the reality is, we’re all kind of delusional or underestimate how much our drinking is actually costing us.

We think “oh it’s not as bad as you think”, but when we start to deconstruct the drinking and drill down to the costs and negative impact, we realize – certainly all our clients realize – that it’s much worse.

So because we’ve found ourselves in this perfect storm for drinking – the isolation, the boredom and the access – through no fault of our own, this exercise might be exactly what the doctor ordered to keep ourselves sober and in-check or to begin our abstinence journey.

First things first, when we talk about the true costs, we’re not just speaking about money. Yes, there’s the costs of the alcohol that accumulates, but there’s also the costs of the parties, cab rides, gas money, food we binge on as well. Veronica talks about the costs she paid sometimes 300-400 a night because she’d get completely drunk and wreck her moped in her 20s.

After the financial costs that add up over years during the ongoing cycle of thinking about drinking, to actually drinking, to sobering up and hangovers, there’s the time cost we invest into this behaviour. Veronica and Chip can tell you that they could easily spend from Monday to Monday in different parts of that cycle.

You’ve calculated the financial costs, and the time costs, next are the unquantifiable costs our drinking has on our relationships. The all-night worrying, the wondering where you are and if you’re safe, the broken hearts and promises, it all adds up as well.

That’s just the first question we go through in this exercise. Chip and Veronica walk you through the rest of the exercise and give you some solid tips and advice along the way.

The outcome always comes down to this: it’s never worth it. It’s never worth the cost and it’s never as fun as you think it would be when you look back.

Tune in and walk through the exercise with us on this episode.

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