#122 – Episode 122 – PAWS


In the first episode of the new year, Chip and Veronica outline how important it is to detox from alcohol safely.

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If you’ve been drinking, smoking or using excessively for a long time, you’ve probably done some damage to your internal systems.

That means when you decide to get sober, your body is going to have a chemical and physical reaction because it’s not getting the substances that it’s gotten used to. That’s withdrawal.

Withdrawal can be very dangerous, even life-threatening, when you go at it on your own.

Never go at it alone.

But with the right supervision, it’s quite a straight-forward and safe process.

However, the thing we’re talking about today, Post Acute/Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), comes in after you get sober because that 10-30 day supervised abstinence and recovery process doesn’t undo the years of damage already done to your body.

PAWS can continue for 4-6 years during your recovery and sobriety.

Unfortunately, not much is known about it as there aren’t a lot of studies being done, but we know the symptoms. They include increased cravings, memory problems, sleep problems and even depression.

January is a month where we see a lot of people starting their recovery so we knew it was important for us to share this message. First, to remind you to detox responsibly, with trained medical professional supervision and second, to make people more aware of the road ahead after recovery and what it will look like to get your body fully back on track.

We talk more about how damaging alcohol is for the body, its toxicity and the cancers it’s linked to, and we also talk about what the studies show is the only currently known treatment for PAWS.

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