#83 – Episode 83 – Sobriety Talk with Amy Dresner


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****Warning**** graphic language and discussions of an adult nature.

Amy Dresner is indestructible and probably the most cross-addicted person I have ever met. She is is also whip-smart, funny, kind and sensitive. She is a sober warrior. In this episode, we discuss her book ‘My fair junkie.’ The recent criticism of AA and the misunderstandings around the program and a whole bunch of other sobriety related stuff. Buckle up, this episode is turbocharged.

What This Episode Is About

Amy Dresner’s story is hardcore.

Like, she wrote a book about her life – My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean – that they’re turning into a TV show, hardcore.

We had an irreverent, thrilling and insightful conversation for this week’s episode.

More people need to be talking about this. Not just her story, but addiction, relapse and recovery need to come out from only being discussed in hushed tones in good company.

“I believe anonymity has been confused with secrecy.” – Veronica Valli

Amy had a lot of alcoholism and mental illness in her family – her mother and uncle were both addicted to amphetamines which she found out later – so when she found crystal meth at 24, she went completely off the rails. 

I could tell you about it, but I wouldn’t do it justice right here, you’ll have to hear her talk about everything directly. The cocaine, oxy, 6 rehabs, the shaman, how everything went downhill and all the things she tried to get back up.

She’s here to spread the message that your drug of choice doesn’t matter. We’re all in this together and if we join together, we can accomplish more than if we stay siloed.

You’re going to hear more about her journey through drinking to drug abuse to criminal offenses, in and out of rehab, attempts of suicide and more, and her path to recovery after relapse.

I hope you take away a lot from her story and our discussion.

Key Takeaways

Bring the conversation out of the shadows

All of us suffer when we don’t bring down the secrecy around alcoholism and drug abuse. Alcoholics Anonymous is not a secret society. Some people are more likely to get addicted than others. It’s science. It’s a sickness. It’s not something to be ostracised. It’s something to be spoken about, studied and supported. Society looks at people with these issues as weaker or lesser, but we have no face, race or type. We are everyone, and if we join together to have the conversation in the open, we’ll be able to get all that we deserve.

You have to save your own life

Moderation is a challenge. It’s way easier to follow our obsessive compulsions and watch it ruin our lives. Amy talks about burning through all her goodwill from her family and friends who she would depend on to rescue her. None of it was coming her way anymore and she was penniless and on the street. She came to the realization that she had to be the one to pull herself up. Rehab and support systems can only do so much, we’re unable to change unless we decide to.

A relapse isn’t the end

Amy talks about multiple relapses she had on her way to sobriety. 6 rehabs, 4 psych wards, and after all of that, she’s a published author leading many people to sobriety with her story. Having a relapse doesn’t mean your support group, or 12 step program, or rehab doesn’t work. It means keep trying.

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Amy

Website: http://www.amydresner.com

Amy’s Book: My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean

Twitter: @AmyDresner

Facebook: AmyDresnerOfficial

Instagram: @amydresner

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