#80 – Episode 80 – The Sober Mindset


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Did you know that your mindset affects everything you do? From getting sober to how much money you make? In this episode, Chip and Veronica explore why mindset work is the most critical work you can ever do. They explain how your limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind were formed in childhood and shape your experience as an adult. Most importantly, they explain how to start changing them.

What This Episode Is About

“If we can understand how fundamental attachment is for children, and embed that into our culture, we would solve 90% of our problems.” – Veronica Valli

Everything you take in through your senses, your unconscious brain is making meaning out of it.

That meaning – about how we’re spoken to, how we were touched, the things that happen every minute of the day – can become something that limits us or frees us.

“5% of what happens in your day is down to the conscious mind. 95% is down to the subconscious mind – the stuff you don’t even know about.” – Veronica Valli

The meaning my unconscious mind created dictated what my life was like, and I had no idea that that was going on. For Chip, he responded to his limiting beliefs by using alcohol to silence it.

“Once we create these beliefs, we find evidence to support it.”  – Veronica Valli

Without that awareness, we’re slaves to the unconscious brain, which makes up 95% of our mind. It stores up our traumas, the way we were raised and the way friends and enemies related to us growing up.

When you think about it, the truth is, we’re basically grown children. There is no magic switch that flips us into being adults – mentally – when we come of age.

It’s not your fault what happened to you in your childhood. But it is your responsibility to do something about it for yourself. Let’s dig into it and get rid of it.

“There is no gold on earth that can substitute feeling comfortable in your own skin”  – Veronica Valli

Tune in to this episode as Chip and I talk about a sober mindset, how the mind works and deals with how we were raised, and how that translates into adulthood. You’ll get some actionable advice on how to create awareness and start to resolve your limiting belief and free your mindset.

Key Takeaways

Adulthood is a journey

Being an adult is not a number, not a fixed destination. It’s a journey. A journey to becoming a better person over time. And that journey never ends. We’re working through and healing the traumas of our childhood. We’re having awareness of the qualities in us that are undesirable, that we don’t want to pass on to the next generation. And we’re constantly rewriting and rewiring our mental code to become better members of society.

You have to do the work

It’s hard work to improve yourself, you’ll make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of failures. But are you going to be in a fixed mindset and believe that you are who you are and trying to change is pointless? Or are you going to be growth-minded and realize that the failures and mistakes are teaching your lessons you can use when you try again? I suggest taking a growth mindset.

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