Getting Through The Holidays 2-Part Webinar Series

Veronica Valli Author, Expert, Sober.

2-Webinar Series

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Get Through the Holidays Sober …and thriving!

You can build life you long for.

What if you didn’t have to repeat the drinking cycle this holiday season?

Wake up hungover. Swear off alcohol.

Holiday stress leads to “just one drink.”  Bottle (or 2) of wine. Wake up hungover...

What if you could shift your mindset and replace your drinking habit with activities that fulfill you rather than make you hate yourself in the morning?

What if you could handle holiday events (in whatever form they take this year) with ease and grace instead of dread?

You can get through the holidays sober and thriving! You can build the life you long for.

Now you can! We'll tech you the tools you need to stay sober and shift into a wonderful holiday with your friends, family and loved ones.

A Little More About The Workshops

**Workshop 1 December 2 @ 2pm EST- How to deal with triggers, combating the belief that everyone has to drink during the holidays, and formulating a plan that will support you.

**Workshop 2 December 9th @ 2pm EST. How to not lose your shit on your family, stress reduction tools, thinking distortions, how to recognize the "old family stuff" and how to deal with it.

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Meet the Expert Team

Veronica Valli


Veronica Valli is a psychotherapistrecovery coachlevel two EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner, MASC life coachauthor of books Why You Drink and How to Stop and Get Sober Get Free, and cohost of the Soberful Podcast. She has been in recovery for 20 years and has been working as a recovery coach and therapist for 18 years.

Veronica passionately believes that anyone can recover from alcohol if they are given the right tools and support. She has personally helped thousands of women transform their lives. Veronica believes that alcohol is only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem, and that to recover, thrive and become the women we are truly meant to be, we need to embrace the process of change.

Her newest book, Soberful, is set to release in early 2022.

Tamara Kirby


Tamara Kirby has helped hundreds of people recover from active addiction as a licensed addictions counselor and international certified drug and alcohol counselor.

She uses her own recovery as well as her clinical skills and education to lead the path in stigma reduction, raise community awareness, and educate businesses. She has opened and maintained the development of two addiction treatment programs in the past five years. Currently she is a treatment consultant with the Indiana Center for Recovery and Haven Behavioral Health as well as the community manager at Soberful Life.