Sober Mindset

6-Month Immersion:
Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

You are what you believe about yourself


Let that sink in a little.

The things you say to yourself when you “mess up,” or when life doesn’t go your way. 

The opportunities you avoid because you don’t believe you’ll be able to pull them off.

The failures you envision before they even happen.

The way you feel when you look in the mirror

The way you see yourself colors the way you see the world around you.

All of this—all of it—was ingrained in your subconscious long ago. Your parents (or caregivers) modeled behaviors and used language that shaped you and your behaviors. 

We absorb messaging from our parents that becomes our inner voice. What we then hear from our critical inner voice becomes our limiting beliefs.


Limiting beliefs range from:

I can’t do this” and “I will never be XYZ,” to “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t matter.

Your limiting beliefs become the rules you live by, yet you’re probably not even aware of them. These unspoken beliefs throw you off track despite your best intentions. 

This is why people struggle in sobriety.

It’s why you have issues with food.

It affects your romantic relationships.

It affects the way you parent (the cycle continues).

It dictates your relationship with money, wealth, and abundance.

It’s why life still feels hard even though you already stopped drinking.  

You drank alcohol because drinking temporarily took away that critical voice. 

But the more you drank, the louder that voice became when it returned. And everything got worse from there. 

Now that you’ve stopped drinking, you are bumping up against your limiting beliefs all the time, but you may not even see them.

It’s why you’re stuck. 

Most people don’t work on their mindset. They remain stuck.


Limiting beliefs are so much easier to see in other people than in yourself. Go figure.

But with the right guidance, you can recognize how your limiting beliefs have held you back, and you’ll understand how you can transform them

Don’t go through life avoiding this crucial work.

I know how to get you free.

2021 is the year you shift your mindset for good.

  • Change your relationship with alcohol.

  • Change your relationship with yourself and others.

  • Finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • Change your life for the better.

  • This is all possible for you.


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

You don’t get a positive mindset by willing away the negativity. Or stuffing it down while you put on a happy face. That will backfire on you. (You might’ve tried it already. It doesn’t work.)

Instead, you’ve got to identify your limiting beliefs, understand where they come from and why, and then reprogram your mind with empowering beliefs to replace them.

You can change the critical voice in your head.

I’ve got lots of tools and practices to help you identify your limiting beliefs so you can root them out and plant new seeds that empower you to grow beyond what you’ve been able to accomplish so far.

I’ve shared some of these tools in the Sober Mindset FREE 8-day Training, but the truth is, this is the work of a lifetime.

It takes time to embed these practices and reset your mind.

It will change everything for you.

But—and I’ve said this many times—you’ve got to do the work. This is the internal work I talk about all the time. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty steps you need to take to finally achieve emotional sobriety.

Are you ready to take a deep-dive into mindset work?

Would you love to have a structured environment with plenty of guidance, feedback, and accountability to ensure you’re making the right steps to change your beliefs—and staying on track?

I am running a 6-month Sober Mindset Immersion that begins Wednesday, March 24, and ends September 8.

Enroll by March 17th for Early Bird Access and a Bonus Session on March 18th.

Enrollment is Closed.

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Here's What You Get:

Early-Bird Bonus Session

If you join Sober Mindset early, you get access to a bonus coaching session with Veronica. In this bonus session, you will learn what really matters to you and how to change your mindset so you can move towards it.

8 Modules with the Soberful Team of Experts

Each module consists of a teaching session and three follow-up coaching sessions to embed the mindset shifts. Take action in between every session and get feedback along the way to ensure you’re getting the results you seek.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly coaching calls led by Veronica Valli, Chip Somers, Tamara Kirby, and Lynn Matti are designed to help keep you on track, discuss the current module, and get coaching in areas you need support with. You don’t have to show up to every call, but the more you participate, the more you’ll get out of the program. We encourage you to show up to at least two sessions per month. 

Online Community

Private access to an online community (off Facebook!) where you can share your challenges, wins, and growth with like-minded individuals who are on the same path. Get feedback when you need it, with the option to remain anonymous.

Over our 6 months together, you will learn:

  • How to move from a fixed to growth mindset

  • Recognize and prevent self-sabotage.

  • Move through upper limits.

  • Discover the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind with new empowering beliefs

  • Create a sober mindset that empowers you in your sobriety and every area of your life.

  • Reprogram your thinking so that when life gets hard, you don’t have to struggle.

What We Cover

Learn how the conscious and subconscious minds work and how our subconscious mind drives much of our behavior without our knowing. Begin to uncover your own subconscious patterns. 

Understand what it means to have a fixed mindset and how it can sabotage your life. Learn how to transform your own fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

Learn what limiting beliefs are, how to identify your own limiting beliefs, and how to change them so you can overcome the negative patterns that keep you stuck.

Learn why resentments are a form of fixed mindset that block your growth. Discover how to transform resentments and become free of their harmful effects.

Whether or not you realize it—and even if your childhood seemed “normal,”—you developed patterns in childhood that continue to play out in your life, and are often at the root of your conflicts with others and your own inner criticisms. Learn how to rewrite these patterns with Chip Somers. 

Many of us operate from a place of fear. It may look more like worry, stress, or anxiety, but all of these come from fear. Learn how to recognize this mindset and change your default response to fear. 

Learn how to dismantle your inner critic in order to build self-confidence and self-esteem with Lynn Matti, psychotherapist and author of 5 Weeks to Self-Confidence.

We all have subconscious habits, but how can we shift to having more conscious habits—those that we deliberately carry out to improve our lives and well-being? You’ll build these habits now. 

Improve five main areas of your life:


Finally understand why people say sobriety is so fantastic—and live that truth for yourself. 


Unearth limiting beliefs that are causing conflict in your relationships. Discover a better way to navigate difficulties and get to the heart of the matter to create better connections.


Reveal the parenting cycles you’re repeating with your children and transform your experience with them.


Discover who you are really meant to be, and step into that reality rather than simply wishing things were different. Learn how to create your future by starting with today.


Find fulfillment in your work by shifting the beliefs that hold you back professionally.


Veronica challenged me to explore who I really am, which was tough at first. She was there to walk me through it. She gave me new tools to improve my marriage and parenting, methods to get in control of my emotions, and helped me heal an emotional wound I’d been carrying around for five years. Veronica has taught me that sobriety is so much more than quitting drinking. It’s creating an experience of life that’s as full and rich as possible. I’m now five months sober (a huge milestone in my adult life!) and I feel a sense of unlimited potential because of my time with Veronica."

—Lauren, age 37

Meet Your Coaches

Veronica Valli is changing the narrative on sobriety. With 20 years in recovery and 19 years’ experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to recovery.

Author of books Why You Drink and How to Stop, Get Sober Get Free, and upcoming Soberful (to be published by Sounds True), and co-host of the Soberful Podcast, Veronica has helped thousands of women not only recover from alcohol, but also transform their lives.

Veronica teaches that alcohol is not the problem—it’s only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. She helps women dig deep, embrace change, and become who they are meant to be. “I help you reveal yourself to yourself,” she says.

Veronica works with women all over the world through her successful and innovative online recovery programs. Now based in the US after relocating from the UK, she is married and lives in Lake Tahoe, NV with her husband and two sons.

Chip Somers is a successful psychotherapist with a practice in Harley Street, London. He has run several rehabilitation centers throughout his 33-year career. He deals with people who have tried to sort themselves out but need that extra bit of input to help them get better and get through the mess they are in.

Chip has been instrumental in many people's recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. In particular, Russell Brand dedicates a whole chapter to Chip in his new book Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped. Chip is married with two adult children. He has been continuously sober since 1985.

Tamara Kirby has helped hundreds of people recover from active addiction as a licensed addictions counselor and international certified drug and alcohol counselor. She uses her own recovery as well as her clinical skills and education to lead the path in stigma reduction, raise community awareness, and educate businesses. She has opened and maintained the development of two addiction treatment programs in the past five years. Currently, she is a treatment consultant with the Indiana Center for Recovery and Haven Behavioral Health as well as the community manager at Soberful Life.

Lynn Matti is a licensed psychotherapist and alcohol and drug counselor who integrates a holistic body and mind model with cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. She is the author of 5 Weeks to Self-Confidence, and helps people tune into their long-held beliefs, quiet unkind unconscious messages, and turn up self-confidence by identifying and supporting their strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here, you understand that you still need to do the inner work that’s required to achieve emotional sobriety. Limiting beliefs are difficult to identify without some guidance. If you are dedicated to implementing the exercises we teach you into your life—and sharing your results and struggles along the way to get feedback about how to make the changes you seek—then yes, this program will work for you. We use our experience to give you the knowledge, skills, and feedback you need—it’s up to you to do the work. 

We believe that sobriety is like a seesaw and that you need to keep putting weight on the sober end. The more weight (information, knowledge and support) on the sober end means that eventually your sobriety will become embedded. Please note, this is not a ‘getting sober’ program, it’s a program for people who want to deeply commit to a sober life by doing the deeper emotional work.

The truth is, we all have struggles. Even if alcohol is no longer a thought in your mind, it’s likely that there are difficult areas in your life that you’d love to improve. Everyone can benefit from mindset work. The real work in alcohol recovery has to do with all the underlying issues we face on a day-to-day basis. If you want to improve your relationships, parenting, and career, or if you’re unsure of your purpose in life, The Sober Mindset Immersion can help.

Group coaching is a very effective way to achieve transformational growth. We often feel that we are alone and cannot see a clear way to move forward. In reality, the challenges we struggle with are actually very common. This group will be hand-picked to ensure it is a safe-supportive space. Guided and supported by Veronica, who will ensure you gain the tools you need to grow and change. Group coaching is much more affordable than individual coaching.

No, you are welcome to come to as many as you want, but you do not need to come every week. Commit to at least two sessions each month so the team can coach you in applying what you have learned.

Every session will be recorded, so you will be able to access the videos after they occur.

The Sober Mindset is a 6-month immersion. You will have access to the community and course materials through September of 2021.

The Sober Mindset community will not be on Facebook. We use an online platform that allows us to create posts just like in Facebook, as well as to host all the videos and training materials in one place. The Sober Mindset Immersion is hosted within our Soberful Life online community platform. If you are not already a Soberful Life member, you will gain membership access when you sign up for The Sober Mindset.

If you prefer to keep your communications confidential, you can create an anonymous profile. 

Before signing up for this program we encourage you to do due diligence and research the facilitators so you can feel confident in their skills and abilities. We limit the numbers of this program so when someone commits we hold them to that commitment and have a non-refundable policy.

You will have access to the Sober Mindset online community as soon as you are registered for the program.

Registration Closed

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We are not licensed health professionals. The information in this program is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace any advice from a healthcare professional. Please consult your healthcare professional before you plan to give up alcohol.