#260 – Ask Us Anything: 6 Years


Veronica and Chip celebrate six years of the Soberful podcast. Questions answered: What was your first impression of each other? How have you changed over twenty years? Should you leave your partner if they don’t support your sobriety? How do you deal with stress and cravings? Can you get sober without God?

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about this episode

In this special anniversary episode of the Soberful podcast, Chip and I are celebrating six incredible years of sharing insights, stories, and support within the sobriety community.

As is our tradition, we’re answering questions from you about personal growth, the challenges of sobriety without a belief in God, and navigating relationships and socializing while sober. Thank you for six years of support!

In today’s conversation, Chip and I talk about:

  • Our first impressions of each other and how our relationship has evolved over the past 20-plus years
  • Navigating the 12 Steps as an Atheist
    • How Chip navigates the 12 steps without a belief in God
    • The benefits of a supportive community
    • Spiritual experiences in recovery and the availability of alternative programs that don’t mention God
    • Challenges of the 12 steps for atheists
  • Socializing Without Alcohol
    • Dealing with the difficulties of socializing without alcohol
    • How our partners can impact our sobriety
    • Why it’s crucial to take a critical look at your relationship dynamics
    • The importance of self-worth in relationships and sobriety
    • The need to prioritize your well-being
  • Stress, Cravings, and the Risk of Relapse
    • Developing new coping mechanisms for the inevitable stressful events
    • Coping with sugar cravings
    • Increasing energy levels during early sobriety
    • How exercise can help the recovery process
  • Plans for the future of the podcast
  • Setting long-term goals and having a plan for longevity

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