#250 – Workaholism


Workaholism can affect our health and well-being. Chip and Veronica discuss workaholism and how we can use work to hide from our feelings.

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about this episode

“I had to learn that rest is productive.” – Veronica Valli

Ever found yourself engulfed in work to the point where it defines you? I’ve been there.

In a society that often confuses overworking with success, I’ve had my fair share of struggles recognizing the thin line between diligence and workaholism. Today, Chip and I dive deep into how work becomes an unhealthy badge of honor and the transformative realization that self-worth should never be tied to our output.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of taking time off from work
  • How we define workaholism
  • Chip’s experience using work as an escape after getting sober
  • How workaholism became competitive for Chip, leading to a sense of exhaustion and withdrawal from personal activities
  • The unhealthy impact of workaholism on our relationships, social life, and mental well-being
  • Using workaholism as a shield to justify bad behavior and avoid personal growth
  • The slow process of recognizing workaholism and making changes to achieve balance
  • Challenges with prioritizing leisure time
  • The negative impact of hyper-competitive work environments
  • How our work mentality shifted after overcoming personal challenges
  • Why so many of us find ourselves overworking
  • Inability to relax and the tendency for workaholics to bring work with them everywhere
  • Using work as an escape from personal issues and feelings
  • Unhealthy work habits and the impact on personal relationships and self-perception.
  • Why it can be difficult to break free from a structured and over-scheduled lifestyle
  • The value of unstructured time and its impact on productivity
  • Prioritizing leisure as a way to address workaholism
  • The connection between longevity and purpose
  • Reframing rest as productive and its impact on work effectiveness
  • The links between workaholism and health issues
  • Tools and tips you can use to start addressing workaholism

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