#244 – Binge Drinking and The Workplace


Nearly all industries have ways of promoting excessive drinking. Chip and Veronica discuss the culture of alcohol, hospitality and binge drinking as it relates to work. They give tips on being sober in these environments and navigating them while also keeping and excelling at your career.

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about this episode

Many of my clients in various fields have often joked with me about the culture of drinking in their respective industries. Because it’s such an embedded part of the culture, they find it challenging to break away.

From medicine to finance and real estate, and more, some companies even perpetuate this culture by providing alcohol in the workplace and having a drinks trolley or a bar on the premises.

Today Chip and I are talking about our observations and experiences with clients in various industries, the potential risks of drinking at work-related events, and tips for navigating these events as a non-drinker. In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The prevalence of drinking in different industries
  • How drinking is often seen as a norm or expectation for gatherings with work colleagues
  • Negative consequences of excessive drinking in professional settings
  • Some of our client’s experiences with career-ending mistakes and damage to reputations
  • The unhealthy connection between work and alcohol,
  • The challenges of being a non-drinker in a work environment
  • Strategies for navigating being a non-drinker
  • How different professions justify excessive drinking
  • Tips for explaining why someone is not drinking
  • The potential for excessive drinking at office celebrations
  • Comparing the consequences of excessive drinking at work versus other settings
  • Financial and reputational risks that come with work-related drinking
  • The culture of long lunches and work activities involving drinking
  • Challenges of early recovery during the holiday season and advice for those currently in this stage
  • Navigating workplace events soberly

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