#222 – Episode 222 – ​Push Off From Here with Laura McKowen


Laura McKowen’s second book is called ‘Push Off From Here‘ a guide to sobriety and life. Veronica and Laura discuss the nine essential truths in the book and how to apply them to sobriety.

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about this episode

In this episode, I’m interviewing Laura McKowen about her journey with sobriety and relationships and her new book “Push Off From Here” which she hopes will find an audience of humans who want to learn how to struggle well, not just those in recovery.

Laura is the author of the bestselling memoir, We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life and Push Off From Here: Nine Essential Truths to Get You Through Life (and Everything Else.

She has written for The New York Times and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Atlantic, the TODAY show, and more. In 2020, she founded The Luckiest Club, a global sobriety support community. Laura lives with her daughter and partner on the North Shore of Boston.

We talk about:

  • Laura’s surprise engagement and how her sobriety has helped her have a healthy relationship.
  • The process for choosing the cover of “Push Off From Here”
  • Laura’s Nine Essential Truths for sobriety
  • The importance of community
  • Laura’s struggle to find her voice and a new style for Push Off From Here
  • The concept of struggling well
  • Recognizing the opportunity that comes with letting children struggle
  • Emotional sobriety and friendships
  • The breakthrough that comes with internal peace and freedom from our story
  • Realizing that no one is coming to save you
  • Laura’s emotional sobriety practices
  • What you’ll get from reading “Push Off From Here
  • And more!

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