#166 – Episode 166 – Soberful The Book


Finally, the Soberful book is released into the wild!

Chip turns the tables on Veronica and interviews her on why she wrote the book and what she wants people to get out of it.

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The tables are turning. This is unprecedented.

Chip is interviewing ME today to commemorate the launch of my new book “Soberful: Uncover A Sustainable, Fulfilling Life Free of Alcohol” and you get to be here for that, front-row seat and all.

Why a new book? Why now? And what will you get out of it? I’ll answer all your questions on this episode.

There’s more to sobriety than quitting alcohol.

That’s why I felt like this book was needed.

A lot of people don’t fit into a 12-step regime, but you still deserve more support.

You need a program that gives clear, simple guidelines on the things you should work on to maintain your sobriety. And while other quit lit books exist, and they’re definitely great, they provide you with insights in the form of memoirs from a specific person’s perspective.

What’s missing is something that goes into the tactical side of maintaining your sobriety. I wrote Soberful with that gap in mind.

The book opens under the assumption that you’re still drinking.

That’s because in the years that I’ve been helping clients, most of our conversations start at the point of wanting to moderate your drinking. You might want to cut back, but you’re not ready to give it up completely.

You’re not thinking you have a problem.

So I took this unique approach because I know I can’t change a mind that doesn’t want to be changed.

But if I can help you see things you’re probably missing, you might decide to change on your own. That’s what the first few chapters of this book are about.

After that, we go through my 5 pillars of sustainable sobriety framework.

With that framework, I found a way to make your sober life less complicated and a lot more fun by following the 5 pillars of movement, connection, balance, process, and growth.

With that, it’s a practical use of your time.

It’s something you can jump in anywhere. If the middle of the book catches your curiosity, you can start there or you can read it cover to cover like a normal book.

It’s built for impact and for you to get results so there are journal prompts at the end of each chapter.

What’s super important is that if you’re ready to face your past and heal your pain, I’ll be your companion.

The past can be a scary place to look back to. We fear we might bring horrible feelings back to the surface.

But there’s also a huge potential release and payoff in doing it.

On the other side of that work, you’ll get to a place where you feel light and free. Free from the burdens and free to enjoy the excitement that comes with sobriety.

I’d never trade my sobriety for anything and I know you won’t either once you see what’s on the other side.

Soberful gives you a practical way of getting there.

Soberful: Uncover A Sustainable, Fulfilling Life Free of Alcohol is available on Amazon right now. Use this link, head over there, and get your copy today → https://www.amazon.com/Soberful-Uncover-Sustainable-Fulfilling-Alcohol/dp/1683648293/

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There are overwhelming studies that show the positive effects movement has on mood regulation, healing your brain, and your overall feeling of wellbeing.

But your sobriety needs to be supported by all pillars, and not just exercise. I’ve seen people become out of balance with movement as they get addicted to it. Then things start to fall apart when they lose the ability to exercise for whatever reason.

So movement is great and an essential part of your sobriety, but don’t overdo it.



Loneliness is sort of the enemy of sobriety, but for a lot of us, independence and loneliness have been our default state due to the dysfunction in our early life that led us to drink in the first place.

That’s why another essential pillar is to create connections with other sober people. Whether you’re joining a support group or becoming a regular member at AA meetings, showing up consistently and putting yourself out there with people who can help you will preserve and maintain your sobriety.

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