#101 – Episode 101 – Stress and Burnout


Veronica and Chip have both experienced burn out in sobriety. Stress and burnout are danger zones for someone recovering from an alcohol problem. In this episode, we discuss the tools we have used to cope with stress. Listen to the episode now:

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Stress and burnout are huge issues for people who are trying to get sober because alcohol tends to be our way of coping with that. Once you’re sober, it might be the first time you’ve ever dealt with stress and experienced stress to its full extent on your own.

My experience with burnout came when I was about 3 or 4 years sober and I made the decision to start my own business. I was working full-time and I decided that all my spare time should be used in working on my business. So I’d come home, exercise and work till 10 pm. After doing that for a while, I went through a period of feeling really exhausted but no matter what, I couldn’t sleep. I realized something was really wrong when I started eyeing a beer my roommate had in our fridge. I’d never given it a thought before. But there I was, fridge open, thinking “That would help me sleep,” and my next thought was “You are in trouble and you need to take action now,” and I did that same day.

I credit that response to having solid sobriety up to that point. I had to accept that my sobriety had to come first. I had to let go of the control that my life had to be a certain way, and focus on doing those things I needed to do to maintain my sobriety.

In this week’s episode we’re sharing our experiences with burnout and helping you learn how to deal with stress and burnout, and to develop that mental mechanism that flips on when you’re tempted to slide back to drinking.

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