#86 – Episode 86 – Staying Sober in a Time of Crisis


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In this bonus episode Chip and Veronica go through the tools you need to stay sober during the unfolding crisis. We help listeners prioritise their mental health and sobriety so they can stay sober no matter what happens.

What This Episode Is About

For everyone, in some way or another, our lifestyles and livelihoods are being turned upside down, bringing with it a storm of emotions. Feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety are hard to manage, in some cases leading to irrational behaviors, like panic buying toilet paper!

“Worry is a waste of your energy, and right now you need your energy” – Veronica Valli

We suggest techniques you can use to focus on the things you can control to avoid polluting your mind with the things you can’t. Although easier said than done, it’s especially important to be mindful of how we manage our focus so we can think clearly in new realities.

“Alcohol will not help, health and sobriety will” – Veronica Valli

In a crisis, there are so many potential risks to our sobriety and its important to acknowledge them while staying grounded and doubling down on our self-care techniques. Draw on your strengths. As a community, we can conquer anything this crisis throws! Remember whatever you may be facing will pass, maintain awareness of the red flags, stress, and emotions by tuning in to yourself, and keep your support system close by.

Key Takeaways

Acknowledge your feelings

Acknowledging our emotional responses is key. Whether that’s worrying about possibilities you can’t control, stress from direct restrictions or disappointment from canceled plans, once we recognize and verbalize these feelings we can have a clear head on our responses. Utilize techniques that you’re already aware of, such as journaling, checking in with your body, and discussing your emotions. As a community, we’re at an advantage since we’re already familiar with these techniques.

Create a schedule

The current coronavirus crisis raises several red flags for sobriety. With all the mix up in our lives, it can feel like a real whirlwind but remember as part of the sober community we often are already good at dealing with drama.  Don’t get lost in the boredom of self-isolation, emotional stress or a feeling of “these arent normal circumstances”. Consistency is important in maintaining our sobriety so create schedules around the new normal while your regular routines are out the window.

The wealth of resources around you

Your usual routine and resources have likely taken a beating and its especially important to maintain them when facing so many red flags. Take the time to double down on what you know already works and assess the alternatives you can make use of if your usual resources aren’t accessible. There is a wealth of online resources available, including our free private Facebook group and extra Q&A support sessions we’ll be doing during this time.

Listen to the episode now:

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