#84 – Episode 84 – Why Do I Need To Look At My Past?


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Our past shows up in our present every day. If we don’t look at our past then we can’t get the lessons we need to grow. Chip and Veronica look at childhood patterns and how they shape our present circumstances.

What This Episode Is About

“Why do we have to go back over all that old stuff? How is that related to the problem I’m having today?”

That’s often the response Chip and I get when we ask a client about their childhood. 

That’s something you’ve probably thought when you heard that we’re talking about the past and childhood traumas in this episode.

But we do need to talk about it. We can numb the feelings with alcohol, but when we’re sober, those feelings are pretty exposed and raw. So we have to treat those wounds just like we would a physical injury.

Whether they’ve gone the “I put those feelings in a box” route or they were conditioned to believe that they need to “just move on,” the fact is that If we don’t look back at the things that have been very influential over our lives and the belief systems we have about ourselves, we’ll keep repeating the same mistakes.

“Your past shows up in your present every minute of every day.” – Veronica Valli

So join us as we dive into the past, we’re sharing stories of our clients, our own and people we know who’ve been able to solve today’s problems by analyzing and healing past traumas.

Key Takeaways

Get outside your own body

Imagine the trauma that happened to you, happening to someone else you know. A child, a niece or nephew. If they would be emotionally scarred by it, why do you think you wouldn’t be? If you’re at a point where you don’t believe your childhood trauma shaped the person you are today, use this exercise. You’ll get a clearer picture that we are shaped by our past.

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