#75 – Episode 75 – Starting Life Over


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Everything changes, even when we don’t want it to. In this episode, we discuss what it’s like to start over. How even when we thought everything was terrible we rebuilt our lives into something better than we could have imagined.

What This Episode Is About

“When we try to start over when we’re still drinking, all we’re doing is distracting ourselves, and nothing actually changes.” – Veronica Valli

January is a big time for people to experiment with stopping drinking. A new year is a popular time for new resolutions and goals. But as with resolutions, when we choose to experiment or pursue a short-term goal instead of a lifestyle change, it doesn’t usually last. So how do we start over the right way – the way that sticks? In this episode, Chip and Veronica talk about the different times they’ve started over and the steps they took to change their lifestyle so their sobriety lasted.

“People intrinsically don’t like change but without it, there’s no growth.” – Chip Somers

Growth brings good things if we’re in the right place to embrace it. When Chip and Veronica remember when they were still drinking, they would move around a lot. It would always start optimistically, but eventually, they’d get into the same bad patterns, wear out their welcome in the new location, and have to move on again. That pattern ended for good when they both got sober. Chip recalls starting his rehab and getting no clients for the first 3 months, Veronica on meeting her future husband and moving to America, Chip talks starting over in a new living and life situation after his divorce, and so many more stories of new beginnings.

“When we start over there’s always going to be fear, excitement and plenty of growth opportunities.” – Veronica Valli

Key Takeaways

Change your environment

Environment is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – factor keeping us where we are. The familiar places, the people around us, the same habits are all triggers that can keep us from being sober. This is why getting into a new place, like rehab, or starting a new habit around new people, like going to meetings can help us to change.

Are you starting over or staying busy

Whenever you start over or start something new, you get a rush of endorphins and you all of a sudden have a brand new and full todo list. But eventually, the novelty will wear off, and if you only started because it was new and different and not because you committed to the change, you’ll slip back into old patterns or return to doing the things you’ve always done. Don’t start something on a fad.

How confidence is built

Confidence is built by starting something, sticking with it, and making it out the other side through all the challenges. Chip said he got a new appreciation for himself after he opened up his first rehab in a new location. He got no clients in 3 months, but he stuck with it and it went on to help thousands of people.

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