#74 – Episode 74 – Things That Changed Our Lives This Year


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In the final episode of the year, Chip and Veronica discuss all the things that changed their lives this year.

**Trigger warning*** the Michael Jackson documentary and child sexual abuse is briefly discussed.

What This Episode Is About

We’re wrapping up the year and this decade by sharing our biggest takeaways from 2019! We’re talking about the things that have inspired us, helped us be more effective and all around transformed our lives this year. There are still a couple of days to put some steps in place to set 2020 up for success, and now you can use our recommendations to get the ball rolling.

Spending time here with you each week on this podcast has made both of us incredibly proud. Being able to share these stories and lessons from our lives and the lives of others has been one of the biggest accomplishments this year. Putting aside the personal fulfillment we’ve felt and how our practices have grown from cultivating this creative outlet, being able to connect with all of you, hear your stories and be able to help you with your Soberful journey has been rewarding.

In this episode, we’re covering everything from books, movies and TV shows to experiences and life hacks, so you’re in for quite a journey. See you all bright and early in 2020!

Key Takeaways

  1. Bullet journalling. It has been effective for Veronica because she was finding it hard to organize her time. She tried todo lists, post-it notes, and other journals but they weren’t effective. She found bullet journaling to be an analog way of organizing yourself in a digital world. All she has to do is keep a running list of tasks, categorize by urgency and cross off as she goes. The satisfaction of crossing items off creates momentum to be even more effective and organized.
  2. Chip got a hole in one in golf. That was a once in a lifetime achievement (hopefully it happens more than once). It didn’t matter that he had to spend lots of money to buy the kit to get it verified, or that he had to buy drinks for everyone at the clubhouse, the accomplishment itself is so sought after and life-changing, and he did it.
  3. Cooking for her family has been a total nightmare. Preparing all the variety and the quantity is too much work to keep ahead of, especially when it’s not her element. But the entire game changed when she started using the cookbook “Cook Once and Eat All Week”. She’s now able to prepare all the food at once, cook it all in a batch and then assemble for each meal. Her family gets the variety for each meal without the long prep time and excessive cleanup!
  4. Let’s talk TV shows. We aren’t conspiracy theorists, but what’s gotten us concerned is the rise of AI and how that’s affecting jobs and people. People are being taken advantage of. What’s attempted to paint a picture of what that could look like is Years and Years. It follows a family over 12 years in the future – that’s all we’re going to say. Another gem that went mostly unnoticed was the amazing storytelling of “Orange is The New Black”. The show uses a middle-class white woman and trojan horses you into the dark and tragic stories of minorities and underprivileged women at the mercy of circumstances and an unequal corrections system.
  5. We have two Documentaries for you to check out. The Great Hack uncovers the Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica’s hacking of the 2016 campaign and the Brexit campaign. You’ll be shocked by how much data these companies have on you and how they’re able to manipulate your vote and your free will. The second Doc is Leaving Neverland. Veronica saw those two men at the end being interviewed by Oprah, recovering from trauma at various stages, and she thought to herself that there is no way they’re making this up. It raised an important question for her: how do you separate the person who committed horrific acts, from the beautiful art they created?

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