#9: Episode 9 – We answer listeners questions


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Chip and Veronica answer the following questions from listeners:
Yolanda – is in the Soberful Facebook and also wants to find an in-person group where she lives, she wants to find sober friends but is really nervous about going to a new group. What if she bumps into someone she knows? How can she overcome this nervousness?
Jenny – is still having cravings and feeling lonely and lost at 22 months sober. She wants to know is this typical as she feels like she is failing at sobriety – we offer advice on what to do next.
Mary – husband is a heavy drinker, this hasn’t bothered her but now feels she needs more support. She wants to go to Al-Anon but hasn’t been to AA herself so feels a bit of fraud. What can she do?

Alcoholics Anonymous
Smart Recovery
Spirituality for athiests

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