#7: Episode 7 – Chip’s story of recovery


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In this episode, Chip Somers tells his incredible story of recovery. He grew up in an upper-class British family with no love or warmth and was then abandoned to a boarding school at age seven where he was bullied. He experienced sexual, emotional and mental abuse.   By 18 he was sticking needles in his arms. He has been homeless, in prison and overdosed many times. He spent several days on life support. His addiction made him sink as low as it’s possible to sink.

Yet he recovered to live a life of compassion, caring, empathy, joy, and hope. Clean and sober for over 33 years he has helped countless addicts and alcoholics reclaim their lives also. Next week we will discuss the second part of Chip’s story and how he healed from all that trauma, found his purpose and how he brought love and connection into his life to make him whole.


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