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Sober Kickstart

3-month group coaching program led by Veronica Vall and Tamara Kirby
Starts December 7th, 2021
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Feel better, do better, be better.

Sober Kickstart is a laser-focused 3 month coaching program for anyone who feels like their sobriety has stalled.

If you are struggling to get started in sobriety then this is the program for you. It starts around the holiday season so you can have the support to make it through sober.

Throughout our three months of group coaching together we will build a foundation for your sobriety. You will discover the blocks that have kept you stalled and we will remove them. We will give you the tools and strategies to move past those blocks.

What to Expect

Sober Kickstart Digital Program

Sober Kickstart is an online program that gives you the tools and support you need to help you get through the first 30 days of sobriety. You’ll build the foundation for a sober life using tools that we’ve employed successfully with clients for decades.

Group Coaching Calls

Group calls will be every Tuesday once the program starts. In our 3 months of weekly group coaching, we will build a foundation for your sobriety. You will discover the blocks that have kept you stalled and we will remove them. We will give you the tools and strategies to move past those blocks.

Individual Coaching Calls

Four private coaching calls where we dive deeper into your journey and together we will continue to build on the foundation we are establishing.

Sober Kickstart Workbook

Specific exercises designed to help you make important breakthroughs along your sober journey.

Private Online Space (Not On Facebook)

Together with other like-minded individuals, we’ll create a tight-knit online support group that offers accountability, inspiration, and refuge during difficult times. The private online group is not on Facebook but held within our subscription group which is a minimal additional fee. The connections you make during this time are golden.

Pay in Full Bonuses

  NEW BONUS! Complimentary entry into our early release signature program The 5 Pillars of Sobriety (Feb. 2022 start date)
  Access to bonus digital content
  Two tickets to Tamara and Veronica's December workshop: Getting Through The Holiday Season Sober
  1 Bonus call with Tamara

Additional Bonus (for a limited time)
The 5 Pillars of Sobriety

This is a 3-month program based on my upcoming new book release, Soberful. We create sustainable sobriety by incorporating personal growth and transformation. Now matter where you are on your journey, the deeper work is the foundations to the 5 pillars, and those pillars are what hold you up when you are most likely to crash and fall. My book Soberful, and The 5 Pillars of Sobriety are not about stopping drinking, they are about living an expansive, full life. A soberful life. You get first access to this new and transformative program as a bonus for signing up for Sober Kickstart by November 30th! Program start date: February 20, 2022

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Join before November 30th, 2021 and get an extra coaching call with Tamara!


Attend the BONUS 'Getting Started' live workshop on November 23rd, 2021!


Get early access to our new signature Program The 5 Pillars of Sobriety start date February 20, 2022 (VALUED AT $1997)

You may not know if 
Sober Kickstart is the 
right program for you.

In a Next-Step Assessment Call, you’ll talk to Veronica about your goals and life circumstances, and she’ll be able to give you some direction about what’s the next best possible step for you. Everyone is on a different path. Soberful keenly recognizes that.

Sometimes you just need to know what’s possible for your unique situation.

Veronica will discuss with you the options you have to stop drinking. If Sober Kickstart—or any other Soberful program—is the best option for you, we'll subtract $48 (special discounted rate, for a limited time only) from the cost of the program.

The Sober Kickstart has a range of payment options that Veronica can discuss with you when you speak with her.

Meet your coaches

Veronica Valli
Veronica Valli is changing the narrative on sobriety. With 20 years in recovery and 17 years’ experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to recovery.

Author of books Why You Drink and How to Stop, Get Sober Get Free, and upcoming Soberful (to be published by Sounds True), and co-host of the Soberful Podcast, Veronica has helped thousands of men and women not only recover from alcohol, but also transform their lives.

Veronica teaches that alcohol is not the problem—it’s only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. She helps people dig deep, embrace change, and become who they are meant to be. “I help you reveal yourself to yourself,” she says.

Veronica works with women all over the world through her successful and innovative online recovery programs. Now based in the US after relocating from the UK, she is married and lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and two sons.
Tamara Kirby
Tamara Kirby has helped hundreds of people recover from active addiction as a Licensed Addictions Counselor and International Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. She uses her own recovery as well as her clinical skills and education to lead the path in stigma reduction, raising community awareness, and educating businesses. She helps businesses change company policy and build a better business by meeting the needs of their employees.

She has opened and maintained the development of two addiction treatment programs in the past five years. Currently she is a treatment consultant with the Indiana Center for Recovery and Haven Behavioral Health as well as the community manager of Soberful Life.

A Note From Your Future Self

Hi you, 

This feels like a hard decision, I know. You're not sure you want to do this, or can do this. But that tiny idea you have that your life could be better without alcohol? It's so true. You can do this.

Love you,

- Your Future Self

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Group Coaching?
Group coaching is a very effective way to achieve transformational growth. We often feel that we are alone and cannot see a clear way to move forward. In reality, the challenges we struggle with are actually very common. This group will be hand-picked to ensure it is a safe supportive space. Guided and supported by Veronica, Tamara, Mimi, Yulonda, and Tiffany, who will ensure you gain the tools you need to grow and change. Group coaching is much more affordable than individual coaching.
Will the calls be recorded?
The group coaching calls will be recorded and available to view for about 7 days. This is to ensure that everyone stays up to date if they happen to miss a session.
How do I know this will work for me?
If you are here reading this now, it’s because you have followed Veronica’s work with Soberful. You know our experience and qualifications (see above). You will also know that we are qualified and experienced professionals. You may have also been searching for a while and may have tried different things to enhance your sobriety that didn’t help as much as you wanted them to. If you have the willingness, then we have tools and experience to move you forward.

At the end of our time together...

 You will feel committed and focused on your recovery.
 You will be free from any doubts about your drinking.
 You will be ready to step into the person you yearn to be and enjoy incredible sobriety.



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