Creating A Sobriety Habit That Works

I absolutely love going deep into the work of sobriety, that's why I created this workshop. I want your sober habits to be more than a post-it note reminder on your bathroom mirror. (Although, you could definitely still do that!)

You become sober through the habits of being sober. Let me show you how.


EFT For Sobriety Part 1 of 2 | Alcohol Triggers

Face your triggers without fear using EFT. During our first 1-hour session, you'll learn how to identify what your triggers are and how to tap on them to reduce the intensity of your cravings.

EFT for Sobriety Part 2 of 2 |  Anxiety & Stress

Navigate difficult emotions without relapsing. During our second 1-hour session, you'll learn how to use EFT to process and release emotions like anger, sadness, and anxiety.


Defeating the Wine Witch

Do you feel like you have to drink alcohol to have fun? That is a roadblock for a lot of people. Because who wants to live a life without fun? Even though you know that it is not worth the consequences, how can we stop when alcohol = fun? We will never be able to stop drinking until we shift our perception that alcohol=fun, sober = boring.

In this workshop we will be covering how to defeat the wine witch and live a sober AND fun life!


Sobriety Is A Superpower

It’s tough to stop drinking when everyone around you seems to find a reason to drink at every occasion…

Dinner=drink, Friends over=drink, Stressed=drink, Celebrating=drink, Kids party=drink...

It is honestly a never ending party in this day and age where a drink is deemed acceptable EVERYWHERE. In this workshop find out how to leave the land of the drinking and move into living and thriving in a sober life - because your sobriety is your superpower!