Emotional Sobriety

Sobriety is about more than not drinking.

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What is emotional sobriety?

It’s two things: feeling comfortable in your own skin and having appropriate emotional responses to events.

In order to be emotionally sober, You need to learn how to…

Have boundaries
Balance and meet your needs
Deal with resentments
Get free of limiting beliefs

In the Emotional Sobriety Program, you will learn life-changing tools.

Through these methods you will gain emotional mastery.

When you start your sober journey, you have multiple destinations - the one without alcohol and the one where you become emotionally sober. 

Emotional sobriety is just liking yourself again.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. Feeling comfortable in your skin means that you like yourself, even love yourself. 

It means that what you think about yourself is more important than what other people think of you. 

It means being free of the good and bad opinions of other people. 

Having appropriate emotional responses to events is about having emotional mastery

It means you are able to appropriately respond to how you feel rather than being capsized by your feelings. 

It’s about getting free from the past that keeps showing up in your present. 

Emotional sobriety is work that we must all do. Because nothing on the outside will make us feel happy, safe and fulfilled. It’s an inside job.

And the only reason you don’t have emotional sobriety is because you don’t know how

The Emotionally Sober Program has the HOW. 

This exclusive curated program goes deep on the tools you need to be emotionally sober.

We will teach you what has been missing. 

If you’re ready to make alcohol a true thing of the past, then join us for the Emotional Sobriety Program.

In 4 months, you’ll transform into the best version of yourself.

Discover your new boundaries…

Release old resentments….

Crush limiting beliefs…

And restore your balance.

4 Month Program:

Regular Group Sessions

2 one to ones with Veronica (at the start and end of the proigram)

1 full day retreat (a deep dive into the resentment work)

When are the calls?

Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the waitlist

to be notified when enrollment opens again.

Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens again.

We are not lying when we say this is life changing.

Emotional Sobriety coaching Program - absolutely loved the content and the tools Veronica and Tamara built and brought to the program. The vast knowledge, experience, energy, and support of the Soberful coaches allowed me to understand more about the addiction and trauma and absorb the knowledge about the tools to work through my beliefs and struggles. Knowing that being in the process is a natural way of being brings a lot of comfort, acceptance and compassion.. Thank you Soberful!

Thank you



I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much this group has meant to me and how you have changed my life. I have learned that I am important, I have a purpose , and I am so worth the effort. I am coming up on 5 months of sobriety and I feel so happy and relieved of burdens that I never really knew were there. I am looking forward to doing the workshops and continuing my journey. Again, I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. I thank you so much. You are doing a wonderful thing and you are making the world a better place. With love and so many thanks, Lynn


Working with Veronica has been life changing for me. For years I wasn't happy with my drinking and had made many positive changes in my life by doing yoga and meditating but the drinking thing while its frequency was reduced it was still hijacking my life. I didn't want to be drinking but for some reason I couldn't totally give it up, it was a vicious cycle. I've seen numerous therapists over the years on top of never being asked about my alcohol consumption. They always told me I seemed fine, but I knew deep down something wasn't fine in me. Through my work with Veronica I now know what that something is and have been able to begin the work of processing it. My life is so much better now, I have an amazing group of sober friends and a positive, fulfilling life that I can see this is only the beginning. I highly recommend working with Veronica, it will forever change your life. Jenn- 36


For the first time in my adult life, I’m in control of my relationship with alcohol. It was a big decision to take the leap and work with Veronica, but I’ll be forever grateful that I did. I’m stunned by how much my life changed in 90 short days. My entire view on alcohol has changed…I’m no longer under the spell that alcohol makes things more fun or sexy. I’m having way more fun (and sexiness!) than I ever did when I was drinking. I’m achieving goals in my business and personal life that were never possible when I was drinking. I’ve improved my marriage, my business is on fire, I’m waking up at 4:30 AM to work out, and my relationships with my daughters have deepened. More than anything, I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything. Veronica has given me these gifts of confidence, pride, and strength. (A sober woman 48)


You are a blessing and a miracle maker. You saved my life and gave my kids a mom to be proud of. There's no money in the world that could pay for what you have done for me. I will be forever thankful and feel so blessed to be on this side of the picture, for the past year I would see a sad, depressed, empty and broken woman in the mirror. Now I see a proud mom , entrepreneur, and active member of society. Every lie about love , happiness , fun and joy That alcohol made me believe I would achieve you helped me turn into reality and I know is just the beginning. Maria 40

Meet Your Coach

Veronica Valli is changing the narrative on sobriety. Continuously sober since May 2nd, 2000, and with 20 years of experience as a recovery coach and psychotherapist, she understands that there is no ONE path to recovery.



Author of the book ‘Soberful: Uncover a sustainable, fulfilling life free of alcohol’ published by Sounds True, and co-host of the Soberful Podcast, Veronica, has helped thousands of women not only recover from alcohol but also transform their lives.

Veronica teaches that alcohol is not the problem—it’s only a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. She helps women dig deep, embrace change, and become who they are meant to be. “I return people to themselves,” she says.

Veronica works with women and men all over the world through her successful and innovative online recovery programs. She developed the Soberful program into an online subscription community, Soberful Life. Now based in the US after relocating from the UK, she is married and lives on Lake Tahoe, NV, with her husband and two sons. 


Enrollment is currently closed. Get on the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens again.