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Exclusive FREE Workshop

Creativity in Sobriety with Sarah Gillespie

November 21 at 1pm EST

“Art is having somewhere to put feelings you cannot contain. So, before you can make art, you have to have feelings.”

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As a dyslexic kid who flunked music at school, Sarah Gillespie cultivated her own unique way of creating music and lyrics. Instead of teaching the mechanics of 'how to' create, she is passionate about empowering people to unleash the authenticity and spontaneity she believes is vital in transforming feelings into music, art, and prose.

In this workshop, you will learn the 4 simple tools needed to rescue your creativity from doubt, fear, and self-consciousness. You will discover how expressing yourself in your own way can help your sobriety, your emotional well-being, and your life. Please bring a pen and paper!

Sarah Gillespie is renowned for mixing elements of jazz, folk, Americana, and blues with her streetwise poetic lyrics. Having released four critically acclaimed albums in the last 10 years, she has toured extensively across Europe and the USA headlining leading venues and festivals.

She has twice played live on BBC 'Woman's Hour' to 10 million listeners & was interviewed by Andrew Marr on 'BBC's Start the Week' on the role of politics in the arts (she has a master's degree in Politics & Philosophy).

Gillespie's most recent album 'Wishbones' (2018) was launched at London's Southbank Centre and received 5-star reviews & Album of the Year from the Arts Desk. A book of her lyrics was published by Oxford's Albion Beatnik Press in 2018.


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The Soberful Life group has re-energized my recovery and given me new tools and a new perspective! I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten out of only a month of membership. Having Veronica to guide us and share her expertise, while also bringing in amazing experts to help with other topics, all in a space where I feel safe to share with other women dedicated to their recovery… is priceless.” 

— Jane C.

I don’t always have the time in my schedule to go to a meeting, or to go to therapy, but at any moment of the day, I can come on to Soberful Life for Veronica’s [and Chip’s] wisdom and talk with people who are sharing my experiences. It’s like the best 12-step meeting AND therapy TOGETHER anytime I want it.

— Melissa

I am a very private person and find it hard to discuss my drinking with anyone face to face. I have not been able to speak up at AA meetings so this is perfect for me. I live in a rural area so meetings are not as readily available when I feel like drinking.

—Soberful Life Member

I joined Soberful Life with a buzzing head, where I did not know how to move forward. I had been sober 16 months at that point. The workshops, Q&As, and comments have helped me to develop a path forward, by looking at emotions, fears, actions, and goals. 

Small steps at the moment as it can be uncomfortable, but with the guidance and support on here, I feel I am moving forward now and have been able to ease the buzzing head. I feel empowered with the tools, advice, and insights Veronica and Chip share.

— Fran

“Today marks 3 years of sobriety for me! I found the Soberful Life group about a year ago and it has helped me grow so much into a truly soberFUL life. At the time I was happy to be sober but knew there was more I was missing, and I found it in this group.

All of the workshops, shared experiences, and encouragement has helped me stretch and grow into a fuller, brighter sober life. I’ve connected with people and I really appreciate the recovery groups and support and feedback I’ve received. 

I can’t believe the amount of value we receive, it’s like having a sober coach to walk us through all of these different topics and challenges that you don’t think about but we all experience.

I’m so grateful to have found Soberful Life during my own sober journey!”

— Jane, 43

“I’m in my third year of sobriety and Soberful Life has been critical to my journey.

A huge amount of content: workshops, Q&As, regular guest speakers, and the ability to interact live with Veronica and Chip in online group recovery meetings.

It’s absolutely incredible value. A month’s membership for what I used to spend on a bottle of wine.

Veronica and Chip understand the struggle because they’ve been there. They are both in long-term recovery and both extremely experienced as they have worked for decades in the recovery field.

Long(er) term sobriety is about so much more than quitting drinking, it’s a complete mindset change, and Veronica and Chip will (gently) get you there.”

 — Clare, 49

"Celebrating 8 Months Today!

The early days of sobriety were easier than I expected. But then I realized being sober was about a lot more than "not drinking."

I am so glad to be here, taking the next step in my recovery. Working on processing emotions, letting go of codependency, and balance. I am looking forward to learning to cope with all of the things that kept me drinking for 10 years. The workshops this week have been great!

I am heading on to 9 months and looking forward to accomplishing my first year."

— Soberful Life member

"Yesterday, I hit one year sober! I honestly can hardly believe I have made it this far. My daughters are so proud of me, which makes it all worthwhile.

I have been struggling for the past few days, wondering why I am doing this, wishing I didn't have to do this, missing drinking, etc. But I now realise that I get these 'down times' occasionally, and I just have to wait for it to pass. And it does, always! I am now feeling more hopeful and generally happier.

This [group] has been a wonderful support."

— Soberful Life member

“If it’s possible to truly “enjoy” a site such as this—this is the one! I have felt welcomed from day one. I don’t visit as often as I should, but when I do, I feel welcomed, not judged, and like I fit in.”

— Beth

$23.99 USD/month. Cancel anytime.
(Annual subscription only $259.99/year.)